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Southern United States

Managed AV Services


Mechdyne worked with a leading energy company to design an AV support model for their new facilities that would house over 10,000 end users and include over 1,500 meeting rooms.


The 1,500 conference rooms range from a 4-person huddle room with very simple technology all the way to a CAVE that would include 10 projectors and very sophisticated audio visual systems. Through their own internal research, the company had determined that it would take 60 AV support staff to adequately service the 1500 rooms and 10,000+ users that would be located at the new campus.


Mechdyne was initially awarded the design and implementation portion of the contract (Phase 0) with the specific goal of developing a comprehensive audio visual support model that would serve the campus and its users. During this effort, Mechdyne performed their own research and determined that it would only take 42 AV support staff to cover the campus. As a part of the Phase 0 effort, Mechdyne developed specific processes/procedures, toolsets, and defined roles/responsibilities which would comprise the audio visual support model that was utilized to service the campus. Mechdyne was later awarded the contract to support the new campus.


During the initial years of the contract, Mechdyne was able to successfully support the campus with far fewer resources (32 was the highest number) than had originally been planned. This outcome was achieved through efficiencies gained from ongoing continuous improvements and strict operational stewardship that eliminated low-value activities. Mechdyne saved the client $1.7M over the life of the first three-year contract.

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