Fortune 500 Company

Southern United States

Managed AV Services


Mechdyne provides audiovisual support for a Fortune 500 company with over 1,500 rooms across an entire campus. Work restrictions and efficiency goals necessitated technology and process updates.


How can our team remotely troubleshoot and support our client’s AV technology and users? This is even more essential during times when clients and technicians are not able to come into the office.


Mechdyne implemented a remotely managed power outlet device across the campus. This tool allows us to monitor and manage the equipment plugged into it. We are able to remotely reboot the equipment and can obtain data such as whether the technology is powered on or off and the last time it was rebooted.


Mechdyne was able to implement a new technique to better support our clients remotely. Troubleshooting and technician travel times decreased significantly.

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