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With the pandemic and subsequent working environment changes, Zoom quickly became the collaborative tool of choice for most users within a large corporate campus. Users needed to be brought up to speed and the meeting spaces needed to be connected to the new tool.


Zoom was a brand new technology within the campus with little time to learn how to use it. The campus had previously used a different VTC tool, but switched because of the expanded capabilities of Zoom. The technicians on campus had to quickly get up to speed so that they could support users and transition the meeting spaces to utilizing the new software.


Mechdyne’s team quickly learned the new software and how it interacted with the various types of AV systems across campus. The team even created a set of shortcut tools that allowed a meeting room to join a Zoom meeting as a participant in one dial-up step. They also created user training materials to help users through the transition.


Zoom meetings are the new normal on campus. People join from their offices, homes, anywhere there is an internet connection. They even join in the meeting room seamlessly using their laptop camera. They are able to share, collaborate, and participate with others using the meeting spaces with which they had grown comfortable.

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