Integrated Technology Support for Users

What happens when technology fails during a workshop or a presentation? Who do users call when they lock themselves out of their accounts? It should be the same team that starts the support process.

The fact is, technology can let us down – either because it breaks down or because it’s cumbersome to use. Whether it becomes a major disruption or just a minor inconvenience depends on how it’s handled. To avoid a significant impact, put a service plan in place that allows the end-user to make one call for all problems, so they can get back on track faster.

One-Call-for-All-User-SupportWork with a single point of contact

When technology issues happen, you need help right away. There’s no time to look for the “right” phone number or email address.

You can avoid added disruption by setting up combined IT and audio visual managed services that give your end-users access to the help they need with a single call. That single point of contact triages your request and connects you with the right resources quickly. No need for users to take extra steps to locate the support they need.

Good Data In, Good Data Out

A single team fielding the initial contacts means consistency in data collection. This team should be trained to collect a standard amount of information for each contact, whether it is IT or AV-related. Good ticket data means a clearer picture of the user environment for IT decision-makers.

IT teams make better decisions with good data on hand. A single team handling user support provides a level of consistency and accuracy that is difficult to achieve with multiple providers.

Use a solution that’s right for you – not your service provider

With so many great options for sending messages, you can give your end users different ways to notify the service desk when they need help. What works for your end-users? Do they prefer to make a phone call, use a button on a touch screen, or a mobile app? You should have the option to offer your users help in any way that’s comfortable for them.

The goal is to offer a variety of options to get the help that’s needed.

Looking for one team that provides audio visual and IT support? Contact us today.

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