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In order to adapt to the everchanging needs of users and work environments, organizations require large IT projects. Many teams may not have the internal resources to complete projects without disrupting the day-to-day tasks that keep organizations up and running. The right partner can navigate the complex process of planning out an IT-related project from start-to-finish. 

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40 Years of IT Experience

Organizations partner with Mechdyne’s IT project team for the management, tools, and expert resources to complete projects on time and on budget, without disrupting normal IT operations. While each IT project and organization are unique, our 40 years of IT experience enable our teams to draw on hundreds of client engagements to plan and execute IT projects, while keeping internal teams up to date with transparent reporting and data analysis.  

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Examples of Managed IT Projects:  

Device Refreshes
  • Remote work drove organizations to deploy laptops and mobile devices rather than workstations at desks. Deploying hundreds of devices at a time often takes a dedicated team.
Day 2/Post-Deployment Support
  • Worried that the support needed by users with new devices will overwhelm the support team? Our Service Desk and Remote Level 2 teams can provide Day 2/Post-Deployment support to get users up and running with their new devices and enable the internal team on traditional day-to-day IT operations.
Software Upgrades & Installations
  • Can your support team absorb the additional tickets/tasks associated with operating system upgrades (like Windows 11) or installing new security software on each user device after a breach? These time-consuming tasks often require time with each user or device. Most teams cannot afford to spend the required amount of time on one set of tasks.
Technology & Software Transitions
  • Is the organization moving from Microsoft office to Google Workspace? Zoom to Teams? Webex to Zoom? PCs to Macs? Transitions create a surge of “how-to” questions from users. With a dedicated support team in place, users will have their questions answered quickly without disrupting or stopping other IT functions during the transition.

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