Transform How You
Deliver IT Support

Is the internal IT team tired of being in constant fire-fighting mode and dealing with the daily distractions from running Level 1 support?

Transform the way you manage IT and operations by:

  • Enabling 24/7 cost-effective support for your end-users
  • Proactively identifying and addressing recurring problems
  • Empowering your end-users to help themselves
  • Assessing the full impact of changes to your technology and work environment
  • Communicating more effectively with business stakeholders

Mechdyne Global Service Desk

Mechdyne’s outsourced service desk can be a single point of contact for all end-users with the capability for multiple workflows to streamline communications and responses. The service desk combines ITIL-compliant technology and practices with highly-skilled, North American-based support personnel. Our rapidly scalable support model delivers results quickly and efficiently, whether the organization produces 500 calls per month or more than 50,000.


IT Service Desk Support

As an IT service support team, Mechdyne’s primary goal is to help users get back to working on important organizational goals. The Level 1 team follows ITIL and HDI best practices to provide a robust IT support service. Whether an organization needs 24/7 support or just during core business hours, our team can assist with:

  • Connectivity and access issues
  • Operating system issues
  • Email issues
  • Password resets
  • Hardware, software, or mobile device purchase requests
  • Access requests to a system or facility
  • New hires and terminations
  • And more

The result is a comprehensive document specifically tailored to your company’s unique needs. We will help you implement proposed changes and can provide targeted consulting and training services to ensure a successful transition.


Service Desk Flexibility

Let Mechdyne’s IT Services team help make business goals a reality. The service desk team helps turn current operations into a world-class service desk based on industry-leading best practices.

The Service Desk team can:

Provide solutions that fit an organization’s needs. Service desk solutions are designed to be flexible, delivering knowledgeable, reliable, and responsive service desk support.

Supplement the current internal team. Many clients have internal support in place, but require additional skill sets. Mechdyne can provide additional resources to strengthen end-user support, 7x24x365.

Work with existing technology or provide that which is needed to create the service desk environment. Mechdyne understands that software and ITSM tools are a significant investment. The Service Desk team is technology-agnostic and can work within our client’s existing tools or provide our ITSM tool, Service Manager. We have significant experience with a variety of ITSM tools such as:

  • ServiceNow
  • JIRA
  • Cherwell
  • Zendesk
  • Ivanti
  • BMC

Customize to our clients’ environment. Over the past 20+ years, Mechdyne’s team has supported a wide variety of clients within energy, advertising, transportation, medical, utilities, and more. Mechdyne’s implementation and discovery processes allow the service desk team to learn, understand, and support any environment – in any industry.


Exceptional Client Experience

Client satisfaction is successfully resolving issues, client experience is understanding you have a friendly, dedicated partner ready to assist whenever the need arises.

Mechdyne’s team understands that every touchpoint is a chance to provide an exceptional experience. When hiring agents and technicians, Mechdyne not only hires for technical ability, but interpersonal skills, positive attitude, and personality. These traits, paired with ITIL best practices and advanced tools, provide a client and end user experience like no other.

Client Feedback

"A partner gives a darn and has skin in the game, the vendor, well not so much. You continue to show why Mechdyne and everyone associated with the firm are the definition of partners. Again thank you so very much from everyone here and our clients and candidates for all you do to support us. We will get through this and the world will settle into a new normal and together we will help our customers thrive."

Vice President, Global IT Success Executive Search Company

"His patience and willingness to help diagnose the problem was appreciated. The issue was resolved without my involvement beyond the initial call. The repair was under way the very next time that I logged on to my computer without being prompted.”

End User Feedback

"I just want to take a moment and say Thank you to you and your team! I know this time is very difficult, but I think you guys are doing awesome work! Keep it up!"

End User Services Supervisor County Government

“[The Service Desk Agent] was amazing!! She was super helpful, friendly, and even recommended the best pizza place in Chicago after I asked her! She’s awesome!”

End User Feedback

“Awesome! Very understanding and patient in walking me through the process. Thanks! All 5 Stars across the board!”

End User Feedback

"Very knowledgeable and had the issue solved in a couple minutes! Made my day :-)"

End User Feedback
IT Service Desk

Additional Information

Service Desk Implementation
  • Mechdyne works directly with internal teams to design a solution specific to each client. This solution will serve as the long-term strategy to match an organization’s workflow with a service-oriented, best practice-based IT structure.
  • This results in a comprehensive solution specifically tailored to an organization’s unique needs and objectives. Mechdyne helps implement proposed changes and provides targeted consulting and training services to ensure a successful transition.
Level 2 Support Extension
  • Mechdyne’s Level 2 team acts as an extension of the Level 1 Service Desk or as an extension of our clients’ internal team.
  • They are ready to assist users whether they are at the office or working remotely. Mechdyne Level 2 technicians have experience working in a variety of environments and with a wide variety of technology.
  • Visit our Level 2 page for more details.
Learn more About Level 2
Network and Infrastructure Support
  • Network and infrastructure projects and issues can wreak havoc on an organization.
  • From complete network management to strategic, consultative assessments, Mechdyne’s specialists have seen it, done it, and are there to share their focused knowledge with the internal IT teams.
  • Visit our Level 3 Network and Infrastructure Support page for more information.
Learn More About Level 3