Transform Your Business Processes into Efficient Digital Workflows

Workflows organize business on all levels. They guide organizations to prepare for, track, support, and successfully adopt changes and manage processes. Mechdyne develops customized workflows to build efficiency and enforce compliance and enterprise-wide accountability.

Workflow Design

Outdated and inefficient workflows cost organizations time and resources. They also cost employees energy and patience and may not adhere to current corporate auditing requirements.

Mechdyne’s professional team conducts an in-depth discovery and generates an unbiased assessment of an organization’s current state. Before any recommendations are made, the team understands what is most important to our clients and their stakeholders.

Use Cases

Mechdyne IT Services brings 20 years of ITSM expertise and ITIL best-practices to workflow design. We develop customized solutions integrated into ITSM tools for:

On-boarding and Off-boarding Procedures

Manage and create rules, forms, and management workflows

IT Infrastructure Design and Mapping

Deploy new equipment, refresh older machines, install software and hardware, and transfer data. Train end-users on any and all changes made.

Facilities Management

Expedite and retain facility requests and monitor where facility issues are occurring

PO Lifecycle Management

Create end-to-end consistency, reduce risk, introduce documented purchase approvals and allow for auditor oversight

And more!

Mechdyne performs data-driven analysis, then, based on all inputs, recommends the most efficient ways for workflows to run within an ITSM tool. The recommendations can improve an existing ITSM tool or Mechdyne can provide our ITSM tool, Service Manager, creating all user documentation and training as required.

Post-implementation, the team regularly gathers data on utilization and productivity to help determine the return from technology and software investments.

Digitize Your Business Processes

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