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Happy Customers Leads To Happy Equipment

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On a typical day, AV and IT support staff are focused on fixing broken equipment. Many organizations track these activities using equipment focused KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, to measure success. Unfortunately, when technicians focus solely on fixing broken equipment and analyzing break-fix metrics, they ignore the most influential factor in the financial success of your AV and IT resources: the happiness of the end user. 

Although it's easier to measure quantifiable activities, it's far more important to monitor user satisfaction. Simple KPIs like closed tickets or time to resolution do not provide an accurate representation of overall performance.

On the flip side, our service team has repeatedly proven that by focusing on end-user satisfaction-the most important KPI- the performance and longevity of your equipment, productivity and retention of teammates, and overall morale improve tremendously. This relationship between user satisfaction and equipment performance is why we believe: happy customers lead to happy equipment - a powerful combination that directly impacts your financial performance.

Prevent Dissatisfaction with Customer First Focus 

Minor negative service experiences such as the inability to run meeting room technology, unresolved service tickets, inconsistent support, or lack of accountability can lead to strong waves of frustration among your users. Although these issues are not directly linked to technology performance, they significantly impact productivity, feed process and technology avoidance, and create low morale. 

Ongoing training and support is critical to provide end-users with the confidence and ability to utilize AV/IT tools. We support your customers, enabling them to perform to their greatest potential when using technology assets

Customized AV/IT Service Plan = Increased Customer Satisfaction

Mechdyne's Managed Service plans are tailored directly to the client's workflows, providing service in the most efficient and productive approach possible. We analyze end-user satisfaction and organizational workflows to develop a plan targeting particularly volatile areas with proactive interventions. Some examples of our targeted service strategies are: 

    • Rooms with high-value utilization receive technology set-up and quality verification. For some clients, we provide high-profile visitors and executives with an assigned service technician.
    • Individuals and work teams with low technology utilization rates receive meeting room set-up training and follow-up support to ensure increased process conformance and technology adoption.
    • Every user requesting support receives a tracking number as well as the name of their service technician. Assigned technicians promptly follow-up with the customers to ensure expectations are met.

Customer Satisfaction Payoff Through Custom Technical Support

Delivering this level of customer satisfaction and technical support is Mechdyne's deliberate formula to improve your financial performance. A simple, but often overlooked relationship: customer satisfaction leads to better performing IT metrics: 

    • Satisfied customers are more likely to promote technology within their teams and welcome technology modifications that improve their workflows.
    • Requests for new technology investments decrease when users are satisfied with their workflows and receive support.
    • The relationship between IT functions and end-users becomes more collaborative when the end-user is satisfied with workplace technology.
    • Technology adoption and utilization increases with higher customer satisfaction levels.

Components of the AV/IT Managed Services Program

Just as technology needs differ from one company to the next, so do service needs. Creating customized service plans to specifically address our client's AV/IT challenges is what we do best. A customized plan for your organization could include some or all of the services listed below. 

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