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Most organizations who partner with typical Managed Service Providers (MSPs) experience support that focuses on fixing broken equipment. This "break-fix" approach simply closes tickets with no real accountability or care for the users. Instead, Mechdyne's managed services approach focuses on people. In addition to expertly resolving any technology problem, we look at the bigger picture of how we can truly improve your relationship with technology with on-site technicians. We partner with you to understand your workflows and processes first. Only then can we develop a long-term vision that drives continuous improvement, not static ticket-closing.

By focusing on people first-and technology second-you experience increased utilization, improved ergonomics, boosted productivity, and more satisfied and confident users. As a result, you see astounding return on investment in technology efficiencies and fewer incidents. 

Creating Satisfied, Comfortable, and Confident Users

MSPs who focus on the break-fix approach miss opportunities to truly support their clients. Your users repeatedly face the same issues and encounter the same pain points, again and again. Mechdyne focuses our strategy on how to create satisfied and empowered users who are not intimated by technology. We accomplish this in three ways:

  1. Training as a Tool. 60% of service calls are attributed to user impatience and lack of training. Mechdyne never wants our clients to feel frustrated or intimidated by technology. We identify training opportunities that inhibit your workflows and provide proactive resources to resolving issues. As a result, users feel confident taking charge of their technology.

  2. User-focused Measurements. Measuring elements of user satisfaction provides a more accurate representation of overall technology performance. When you focus on user satisfaction, then technology utilization, user productivity, and morale skyrocket. 

  3. Dedicated Technician Support. Our on-site support teammates go above and beyond issue resolution to provide training opportunities, technology management, and workflow support. We prepare equipment prior to critical collaboration sessions and can sit in to run technology. Our teammates are highly trained and certified to manage technology components of any kind.

Proactive Maintenance to Avoid Impacting the User

The best way to increase user satisfaction is to avoid technology issues altogether. Through regimented proactive maintenance, Mechdyne's technicians reduce incidents from the start. As a result, you experience more efficient and effective collaboration sessions. We schedule maintenance activities around your meetings, staying non-obtrusive.

We manage all your assets and technology components through Pivot, our AV/IT database. With all the information in Pivot, we identify technology trends, manage support needs with all your vendors, and manage critical component details. Pivot allows us to plan more efficient preventative maintenance and manage equipment.

Driving Continuous Improvement

Managed services support is not static. We aim to improve your business operations through a flexible approach that evolves as your needs change. We gather information about your technology, users, and workflows to feed this continuous improvement in your long-term vision. We help you plan, coordinate, evaluate, manage, and implement technology components. Root cause analysis activities help us find and remove the true cause of technology pain points. As a result, you see greater productivity, reduced downtime, fewer incidents, improved efficiency, and greater user satisfaction.

Partner with MSP's to Create Astounding ROI

As a MSP, our service team removes obstacles to productivity and keeps technology running at optimal capacity. Through a combination of trained users and service technicians focused on keeping your users productive, you see maximized success. We go beyond standard break-fix repair and instead work with you as a partner in helping your business grow.

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