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A new product's first design is rarely the optimum one. A product is created, designers collaborate for feedback, models are adjusted, and the process is repeated until the design is just right. With physical models, this process can take months, or even years, and carry a significant price tag. By harnessing the power of virtual reality and visualization, Mechdyne clients see an accelerated time-to-market, optimized designs, minimized risk, and increased customer engagement.

Virtual Designs Result in Faster Time-to-Market

Integrating high-end visualization with advanced engineering results in a faster decision cycle with better insights. Mechdyne has worked with elite clients in the automotive, aerospace, consumer products, and defense manufacturing industries to design virtual reality systems, in addition to developing processes that embrace and fully utilize immersive technology. As a result, our clients experience deeper insights during the product design process with astounding return on investment (ROI). 

Optimizing Designs During Review Minimizes Risk

Designers and engineers immerse themselves in their virtual designs to interact with their models inside and out. As a result, they see design implications that might go undetected until physical prototyping. Teams quickly optimize designs in a virtual environment, lowering the risk of mistakes. 

"We want to de-risk projects and lower the risk of mistakes. It's a large capital expenditure for our manufacturing clients. Showing them what we provide before they make a purchase is very powerful." 

-Justan Each, Genesis Systems Group

Improved Relationships and Increased Trust with Customers

As Mechdyne clients interact in visualization environments, users become more confident in proofs-of-concept and designs. A long-lasting, positive impression stays with clients long after their virtual reality experience, keeping them coming back again and again.

Manufacturing Process Improvements Through 3D Visualization and Virtual Reality

By harnessing the power of virtual reality and simulation, Mechdyne's manufacturing clients reveal opportunities to improve processes, strengthen customer understanding and retention, and drive efficiencies both inside and outside of the organization.

Virtual Reality and the Lean Manufacturing Approach

Manufacturing Design

Virtual reality integration has become a critical role within the Lean approach, revolutionizing the field of industrial processes. The Lean approach optimizes production workflows by focusing on ways to eliminate waste. Visualizing workflows and processes allows users to anticipate production waste, identify and eliminate bottlenecks, and understand facility constraints, which all culminates in creating optimized processes. Organizations simulate everything from assembly work cells to overall production flow to understand how assembly and production lines function. 

When organizations develop optimized workflows on their assembly lines, they experience:

  • Higher product quality

  • Lower cost of tooling changes or requirements

  • Fewer workplace injuries

  • Faster time-to-market

Leveraging Virtual Reality to Collaborate on the Production Line

Genesis Systems Group | Manufacturing

Users import CAD models of workplace layouts and equipment, creating a realistic environment within their simulations. Together, managers discuss design concepts, explore new maintenance procedures, and optimize their production line. Leadership teams test workflow processes and adjust variables to develop the best method of working safely and efficiently. Collaboration and insights increase while misleading "gut-feel" decisions are reduced or eliminated. This collaborative effort leads to better decision-making, deepened customer relationships, and optimized operations.

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