Manufacturing Design, Review & Implementation

Today's most innovative manufacturing companies are saving millions of dollars and shaving months off production by adopting virtual reality (VR). Whether these organizations are designing and validating their concepts, or seeing them come to life on the production floor, immersive visualization is proving its worth. Mechdyne has worked with elite clients in the automotive, aerospace, consumer products, and manufacturing industries to design virtual systems. Combined with our expertise in helping clients develop processes that embrace and fully utilize immersive technology, our clients see the results:

  • Genesis Systems Group shaved two months off their sales cycle and had a $10 million sale

  • Raytheon reached their three-year return on investment (ROI) goal within eight months

  • A Consumer-Packed Goods client increased sales 15-20 percent

  • A heavy-equipment manufacturing company eliminated physical models, cutting their design time from 27 to 9 months

These are just a few examples of the tangible benefits that VR offers in manufacturing. No matter your stage in the manufacturing process, working with Mechdyne to incorporate VR into your organization minimizes your risk, optimizes your workflows, and saves you time and money.

Product Design and Development

Manufacturing Design

A new product's first design is rarely the optimum one. With physical models, the design process can take months, or even years, and carry a significant price tag. An automotive client once told us that they waste nearly $1 million for each day a design was late. Another manufacturing client indicated every week they are late on a design, they lose $5 million.

Conversely, companies experience deeper insights into their designs with astounding ROI with VR. Designers and engineers interact with models, visualize design implications, and collaborate closely to avoid rework. As a result, our clients experience:

  • Faster time-to-market

  • Optimal product designs with minimal risk

  • Increased trust and collaboration with customers

  • Greater sustainability practices by detecting mistakes prior to physical prototypes

Manufacturing and Assembly

On the plant floor and assembly lines, your top priority is to keep workers safe while generating your product as quickly as possible. VR helps you optimize your operations. Simulate everything from assembly work cells to overall production flow to better understand how your production lines function. Collaboration and insights increase while misleading "gut-feel" decisions are reduced or eliminated. As a result, you experience:

  • Fewer workplace injuries and greater safety percentages

  • Increased collaboration on the production lines

  • Higher quality products

  • Eliminated bottlenecks

  • A greater Lean approach

  • Less downtime from broken equipment

Learn more about how our manufacturing clients at Genesis Systems Group, Wichita State University, and Renault are seeing the benefits of virtual reality in their workflows. 

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