Museum and Library Audio Visual and Information Technology

Traditional museum and library spaces are being replaced with public attractions that both entertain and educate. Today's visitors seek out new, exciting experiences to interact with museum artifacts, collaborate with each other, and seamlessly share content. Curators and exhibit designers are now bringing attractions to life, while library directors are providing interactive collaboration spaces to the public, all thanks to advanced audiovisual and information technology (AV/IT) solutions.

"...usually with a traditional museum, memorabilia gets stale, there's no reason for people to come back. As we went along, it just seemed to us that this [technology] was the way we ought to go." 

-Jack Lashier, Iowa Hall of Pride

Users can immerse themselves in exhibits to more fully experience and engage with the world. Imaginations run wild in multi-sensory experiences, helping visitors learn and understand something better. Exhibits can change out easier, keeping an attraction new and exciting.

Mechdyne works with clients to understand their goals and objectives. We design, build, and support technology your viewers hardly notice but cannot ignore. Create spaces and experiences your visitors will never forget.

Immersive learning Experiences within Museums

Museum visitors immerse themselves into an exhibit to experience the world around them. Participants virtually pick up, sort, and interact with artifacts that may not have been accessible. Viewers are dazzled by stunning colors and experiences within theaters. Imaginations run wild in multi-sensory experiences, helping visitors learn and understand something better.  

"I measure the success of our technology by the number of smiling faces when people interact with the touch tables. I see an 80-year-old having a conversation with a 17-year-old that never would have happened if they hadn't both arrived at the table at the same time." 

-Dr. Richard Clay, former Co-Director of the Digital Humanities Hub

Extensive Collaboration Opportunities in Libraries

Library visitors, no longer constricted by quiet spaces, experience a greater sense of community and collaboration thanks to AV/IT capabilities. Patrons work together in study rooms, sharing content and exchanging ideas. Community events bring together users of all ages to participate in gaming, view films, and engage in trainings and demonstrations.

"The role of the library has changed. It's now a community hub. We want this to be a place of interaction and learning." 

-Lynne Carey, Ames Public Library

Benefits of Mechdyne's Advanced Technology Solutions

  • Engage audiences

  • Stimulate imagination

  • Create engaging, interactive environments

  • Increase knowledge and understanding

  • Keep content and exhibits fresh

  • Increase visitors and revenue

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