New & Upgraded Planetarium Technology

The world of planetariums is changing. Today's most impressive and successful planetariums provide compelling, engaging, and diverse experiences for their visitors. Visitor expectations are higher than ever for crisp and dazzling images that both educate and entertain. Because of this, you have to think differently about planetarium technology.

Previous expectations for planetarium technology to last for decades is long gone. Instead of relying on an outdated planetarium paradigm, partner with a technology vendor who has a broad range of expertise in providing stunning color, high contrast, and sharp resolution to maximize the impact of your content. As a result, you will receive the planetarium solution that is best for the unique experience you are creating. 

Make Your Planetarium Extraordinary

Planetariums aren't just about astronomy anymore. Your mission, primary film focus, and connections to the community all drive what you showcase. While stars, space, and different galaxies may be a part of your film rotation, today's spaces also show nature and wildlife films, geographical and natural phenomena, and children's animations and movies. Planetariums are exhibiting:

  • Full-featured films and documentaries
  • Public forums, lectures, and symposiums
  • Virtual reality (VR) and gaming experiences
  • Community events, including those for children, holidays, and scientific anniversaries

Impress and Engage Planetarium Visitors

When guests visit your planetarium, they want to be completely immersed in the film. Whether it serves as an extension of a bigger museum visit or a standalone event, planetariums need to provide visitors a one-of-a-kind experience that will impress and amaze.

To best achieve this result, planetariums need technology to consistently perform as expected. Downtime can have significant impacts on the success of your planetarium, leaving your visitors feeling disenchanted and frustrated with the overall experience. Furthermore, planetariums need to provide consistent color, brightness, and one seamless image across their dome. You need visitors to forget they are in their seats, and instead feel that they are part of the environment you provide.

The Technology Partnership You Need
A true technology partner is dedicated to creating the exact type of experience you want to provide your patrons. True partners aren't boxed into "standard" and traditional planetarium solutions. Whether you focus on educational, informative, or engaging content-or elements of all three-your technology partner will help bring this experience to life. 

Mechdyne is at the forefront of new technology, no matter the type. We provide creative solutions to clients in a wide variety of industries, allowing us to develop flexible and innovative solutions matching your unique space. We design solutions based on your content, performance expectations, and your visitors' standards. Using our strategy of "user first, technology second" to guide us, we bring an unmatched expertise to some of the world's most amazing planetariums.

By working with Mechdyne, our clients experience the benefits of our process. We:

  • Analyze what makes your space unique and what is critical to your internal workflows to bring your vision to life.

  • Work within your budget and deadlines to design and integrate the ideal solution. Our ability to stage solutions eliminates construction expense and schedule risk.

  • Minimize downtime for your facility through a tailored maintenance plan.

Bring a New Perspective to Your Planetarium Space