The Mechdyne Advantage

Many of our competitors in this space recruit individuals to fulfill on-site contracts and the employers’ involvement from month to month is minimal or, in many cases, non-existent. The employer remains a name on a paycheck – nothing more, nothing less. The Mechdyne Software Business Unit provides competitive professional contract services to all market verticals in the public and private sector through our Embedded Contract Business services. While our most common services have remained Software Development and Software Engineering, we offer all ranges of technical professional contract services ranging from System Administration to System Engineering and everything in between. Our key differentiators remain constant – the high-caliber team we employ and the coaching we provide.

Embedded Services

Benefits of Mechdyne's Embedded Services

The Mechdyne Software Business Unit takes a different approach. Our management team works hard to ensure that our teammates view Mechdyne as more than the name on their paycheck, but rather, we demonstrate that each valuable member of our team who joins your organization day-to-day continues to be an integral part of our Mechdyne family. Each new member of our Embedded Contract Business team undergoes a 3-day orientation to Mechdyne’s Core Values, policies, and processes followed by a 12-week in-depth onboarding course to become familiar with the landscape of the business unit and broader Mechdyne business. While our clients determine day-to-day priorities, we take an active management approach through:

  • Weekly 1-on-1 meetings with Mechdyne manager. This provides a weekly cadence where teammates receive coaching, encouragement, and constructive feedback.
  • Annual Performance Goals tailored to encourage professional growth. These goals are created based on each teammates’ strengths, development needs, and opportunities to grow their skillset in a way that strengthens the value we provide to our clients every day.
  • Annual Performance Assessments are conducted after each calendar year to evaluate teammate performance, reinforce wins, and identify development needs. The results of these assessments feed into the creation of impactful Annual Performance Goals for the following year. 
  • Full-Day Training opportunities are provided to our teammates to support professional growth and development. This time falls outside of the contracted hours, so our clients are not funding the training time through their relevant FTE. Teammates are encouraged to select a professional training course or topic that aligns both with their professional growth and our clients’ priorities.

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Although our Embedded Contracts team is geographically diverse, our management team makes a point to visit each teammate in-person on a monthly basis. Depending on our client’s preferences, this can include a monthly face-to-face meeting with the teammates’ on-site supervisor as a check-point to ensure our quality of service remains exceptional.

But don’t take our word for it – ask any member of our Embedded Contract team today!

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