getReal3D For Unity

With getReal3D for Unity, you can create custom VR experiences for powerful training, simulation, and user interaction.

getReal3D for VR


smartAR™ augments a virtual CAD model (part or assembly) over top a live camera feed of a real world, physical object, maintaining scale, placement and position of the CAD model relative to the object.

smartAR for Augmented Reality

Meeting Canvas

Meeting Canvas is a software platform that enables multidisciplinary collaboration and data-driven decision making. It unifies access to content and data sources. It presents them in contextual ways, across any display system, making Meeting Canvas the ultimate collaboration tool for design thinking and agile project management teams.

Meeting Canvas Collaboration Software

TGX Remote Desktop

Stay productive with the highest-performing remote graphics solution for your workflow. TGX is more than a remote desktop, it is a remote workstation. You will be able to visualize the most intensive graphics applications up to 4K resolution with amazing like-local responsiveness. TGX can connect multiple collaborators, delivering an experience so impressive you won’t realize you’re working remotely.

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