Meeting Canvas 3.0

Dynamic Collaboration Platform

For Design Thinking & Agile Project Management

Meeting Canvas is a software platform that enables multidisciplinary collaboration and data-driven decision making. It unifies access to content and data sources. It presents them in contextual ways, across any display system, making Meeting Canvas the ultimate collaboration tool for design thinking and agile project management teams.

This collaboration tool simultaneously integrates multiple sources of content, enables digital sticky notations, and dynamic mark-ups in real-time, and caters to continuous team workflow activities. Meeting Canvas enables strategy teams to brainstorm, analyze, and implement new processes in less time. It supports product design teams as they innovate to develop new, higher-quality designs, faster. It facilitates researchers who must analyze multiple, contextual datasets, collaborate, and annotate insights.

Work Dynamically, Save Progress, Start Again Anytime, and Realize Results Sooner.

Any organization with complex, long term projects will benefit from Meeting Canvas’s capabilities. It allows teams to save meeting progress as it is made, start again later exactly where discussions ended, without losing track of comments and changes. With near-infinite scalability, the software tool brings value to collaborators focused on research, review, and decision-making during team sessions that span weeks or months.

Mechdyne Meeting Canvas Software in Conference Room
Mechdyne Meeting Canvas Collaboration Software

Flexible Meeting Management

Meeting requirements are never one-size-fits-all. Meeting Canvas is a software and computing solution tailored to your data sharing requirements. It has the perfect balance of structure and flexibility to support collaboration the way you need it – straightforward one day, complex the next – incorporating key features to augment your workflow and collaboration needs.

  • Place content across the canvas organized into neat boxes or floating on the screen.
  • Create & save custom layouts in real-time.
  • Four common layouts are already pre-loaded for quick organization.
  • Display multiple content sources simultaneously to create a highly collaborative experience.
  • Sources supported include:
    MS Office Applications
    Mobile devices & Laptops
    Barco Click-Share and More
  • Edit & manage MS Office content during live sessions.
  • Stream high-resolution 4K to 8K data and video from remote locations using Mechdyne’s own remote desktop software solution, TGX.
  • Multiple displays of a wide range of sizes and complex display configurations are supported.
  • Power users enjoy nearly unlimited visual real-estate.

Collaboration Support Tools

For meetings to be dynamic and truly collaborative, interaction is required not only with your teammates, but with the meeting display itself. Highlight points of discussion, record important debates, or pick a meeting back up right where you left off. This tool takes collaboration to a new level.


Provides users with interactive tools to highlight important items during collaborative discussions.

Sticky Notes

Users can create unlimited Sticky Notes to display on the Canvas.


Allows users to capture content at a specific moment in time, including the progression of discussions during a collaborative session.

Session Save & Reload

Collaborative teams save & pick up a meeting exactly where they left off at another time or location, even on an entirely different display scale.

BYOD Management & Support

Share Content from Mobile Devices

Files and photos can be shared from mobile devices to the Canvas for increased collaboration. Device mirroring also allows users to share specific apps.

Mobile Meeting Control

The MC Join app allows users to manage, control, and collaborate within a meeting using their mobile device, fostering multi-user collaboration within a single Canvas.

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