CAVELib: The Ultimate Solution for 3D Virtual Reality Displays

CAVELib interactive, three-dimensional environmentsCAVELib™ provides the cornerstone for creating robust, interactive, three-dimensional environments. As the most widely used Application Programmer Interface (API) for developing immersive displays, CAVELib simplifies programming. Developers concentrate on the application while CAVELib handles all the CAVE software details, such as the operating and display systems and other programming components. 


Simplified Programming

Simple but powerful; you only need a fraction of the CAVELib's capabilities to create an immersive application. Yet, CAVELib is broad enough to meet even the most advanced developer's needs. Virtual reality development is extremely complex, but CAVELib helps by removing the complexities of VR development, such as:

  • Window and viewport creation
  • Viewer-centered perspective calculations
  • Multiple graphics channels displays
  • Multi-processing and multi-threading, cluster synchronization, and data sharing
  • Stereoscopic 3D viewing
  • Networking capabilities to enable collaboration, interaction, and data sharing around the world

Platform Independence

Create high-end applications on Windows and Linux platforms with CAVELib. Write an application once to run on any immersive display by configuring your application for the display at run-time. 


Without recompilation, run CAVELib on a wide variety of display systems, from the desktop to 3D PowerWalls™ to fully immersive CAVE and FLEX™ systems. A single code base runs on a variety of display and operating systems.


CAVELib Features

CAVELib simplifies programming for your immersive displays. Use it with multiple graphics libraries and interaction and tracking devices. Once you execute your immersive display, transfer it across any display system. Because it is commercially advanced and supported, CAVELib has the best and most experienced developers ensuring you receive the best quality product available. 

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