Conduit: Making the Impossible Possible

Mechdyne Conduit Software Solution Virutal RealityMove instantly from your desktop to a virtual or high-resolution digital prototyping environment with Conduit™. The software intercepts graphics commands from a desktop application, such as Google Earth, and redistributes them to one or more PC workstation nodes driving an immersive display. All this is accomplished without converting data or putting a limit on scaling resolution. 


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Once each node receives the graphics calls, it adjusts for either stereoscopic 3D or the viewer's perspective and displays the point of view. For example, a four-node cluster could drive a four-wall CAVE with each node responsible for one wall.


Without changing the desktop application, Conduit provides:

  • Support for multi-channel, multi-planar 3D displays systems, such as the Mechdyne CAVE™
  • Stereoscopic viewing for true depth perception
  • Motion tracking, giving you real-time changes in your perspective as you move within the virtual environment 
  • Enhanced resolution output using cluster-based, multi-projector, tiled displays proven beyond 100 million pixels
  • Real time digital prototyping in virtual reality without time-intensive file conversions
  • Ultra-high resolution display of GIS data with intuitive navigation
  • Immersive and interactive data reviews to promote collaboration and speed decision making

Integrate Human Operators in Simulations

Step inside a virtual avatar to directly interact with your data. Mechdyne’s advanced motion capture technology gives you a more realistic simulation perspective through a motion capture suit.

Multiple participants in a virtual environment can collaborate and interact from a first-person perspective. Walk through your assembly, see your engineering design from every angle, and watch a process simulation, all made possible with Conduit add-on capabilities.


Mechdyne's motion capture technology is comprised of the Multi-User option and Mannequin Tracker Module for Mechdyne's Conduit for V5 software. This paired with IPSI Server and RTI-Delmia software from Haption allows you to collaborate and interact with your V5 designs for a multitude of business and research possibilities, such as:

Conduit Application Support

Using Conduit, we can make popular desktop design, GIS and modeling applications VR-aware. Depending on your requirements, we offer several levels of application support.


Certified Applications

These applications are 100 percent compatible with Conduit, and Mechdyne is a certified application partner. We follow release cycles closely and guarantee the support of these applications:



Vendor: Siemens

Applications: NX, Process Simulate, Teamcenter Visualization Mockup, Jack


Vendor: Missler

Applications: TopSolid


Vendor: PTC

Applications: ProEngineer/Creo Elements, Creo Parametric


Vendor: Dassault Systemes

Applications: ENOVIA V5, CATIA V5, DELMIA V5


DCC (Digital Content Creation)

Vendor: Trimble

Applications: SketchUp


GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

Vendor: ESRI

Applications: ArcScene, ArcGlobe, CityEngine


Vendor: Google

Applications: Google Earth


Vendor: Schlumberger

Applications: Petrel


Scientific Visualization

Vendor: OpenSource/DOE/ASCI

Applications: Visit


Compatible Application

A large number of 3D graphics applications are compatible out-of-the-box with Conduit, however they might not be certified. We can consult to promote them to certified status and through testing, certification, and active maintenance. 

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