FUSE: See. Act. Decide

FUSE military software GEC2O

See and track all your assets in real-time. FUSE provides an informative and intuitive visual environment so you can make quick decisions and identify events as they are happening. Combine risk management, geo-referenced events, and asset tracking to improve your decision making and situation assessments. 

Communicate. Collaborate. Decide.

Communicate with your stakeholders through text messaging, chat, or live stream video. FUSE connects everybody through real-time, two-way communication and collaboration, bringing together the individual, the command center, and everybody else in between. FUSE gives you the added feature of annotating, modifying, and sharing your real-time maps so you can best manage your assets. 


Plan. Coordinate. Act.

Better manage your operation by seeing and interacting with every stage. Be more aware and take control of your assets by planning scenarios, execution, event management, and debriefings. Keep your stakeholders up to date and manage events better by sharing and modifying in real-time as things happen.


Analyze. Interpret. Improve.

FUSE captures and records all your data and interactions, including asset and individual movements, communications, viewpoints, and data shares. Easily load and replay your historical data for instant review so you can know how and when to best make your important decisions.


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Commercial Application of Advanced Military Technology

FUSE is the commercial version of a military application called GEC2O™ (pronounced gecko), developed by Mechdyne as part of an R&D effort funded by the U.S. Army. GEC2O, which stands for Geospatial Environment for Command and Control Operations, provides an informative and intuitive visualization environment to assist the network-enabled warfighter in all phases of mission activities. GEC2O is currently in use by the U.S. Army, Australian Army, FEMA, and several National Guard Units. FUSE has all of major functionality of GEC2O without the military dependencies.

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