Meeting Canvas: One Powerful Collaboration Solution

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Easily access, share, and utilize all the resources needed for effective collaboration. Meeting Canvas™ takes many inputs, adds many outputs, and provides you with one powerful collaboration tool. Multiple users connect simultaneously to a shared display using hard wired or IP-based devices. Meeting Canvas manages all of the displays in your collaboration room by transforming the individual display surfaces into a single coherent canvas.

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Access from Anywhere

Meeting Canvas allows you to share content from multiple sources and on a single canvas. With Meeting Canvas you can connect:

    • iOS enabled personal device (BYOD)
    • Direct DVI connected desktop
    • Network connected local and remote desktops
    • USB-connected devices, such as cameras

Display Anything and Everything

Using intuitive windowing capabilities, Meeting Canvas:

    • Provides predefined meeting room window layouts
    • Adjusts automatically when new sources are added or removed
    • Allows users to easily make layout modifications during collaboration sessions
    • Enables creation of custom templates

Leveraging AV/IT Convergence

Meeting Canvas is an AV/IT-based solution that simplifies and enhances the collaboration experience. The benefits of AV/IT convergence are leveraged in the Meeting Canvas collaboration tool, delivering a powerful, flexible, and productive knowledge-sharing solution. AV/IT solutions require less upfront investment, equipment maintenance and ongoing IT support. Meeting Canvas is built to customer specifications, including:

    • Types and quantity of inputs and outputs
    • Display and windowing options
    • On-screen capabilities includes layout management, snapshots, annotation, and record
    • Control preferences including wireless keyboard/mouse and touchscreen controls
    • Stereo support
    • Support for single and multiple display collaboration rooms
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