getReal3D for Unity: Bring Unity Simulations into Virtual Reality Environments

virtual reality technology for game softwareMake your simulations and training more realistic and immersive with getReal3D™ for Unity. The getReal3D plug-in makes the Unity game engine compatible with virtual reality equipment, such as the CAVE™ or head-mounted displays, turning virtual worlds into powerful real-life experiences. 


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A wide spectrum of sectors applies gaming technology to serious problems for more realistic demonstrations. Utilize the benefit of added virtual reality for product reviews, walk-throughs, training, planning and drills, or training and simulations.

Features of getReal3D for Unity

With getReal3D for Unity, get an incredible sense of presence and realism through 3D stereo. Walk in and around 3D objects by using head- and hand-tracking, giving you more intuitive interaction and easier viewing from your unique angle. Interact with your environment using completely natural gestures. Additionally, multiple screens give you a better immersion feel.

getReal3D for Unity Specifications

  • Display support for a CAVE, CURV™, FLEX™, PowerWall™, 3D TV, and other VR displays including head mounted displays
  • 3D stereo formats including active stereo, passive stereo, and HDMI 1.4a formats
  • Interaction devices and tracking, getReal3D uses the industry standard trackd™ and is compatible with most common motion tracking systems and input devices
  • Compatible with Unity PRO versions 4.6 and Unity 5
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows® 7

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