trackd: Enabling Virtual Reality Interaction

trackd driver software motion tracking companies.

trackd™ takes information from a variety of motion tracking and input devices and makes it available for other applications to use. Applications can take advantage of six degrees of freedom interaction tools. trackd is ideal for virtual reality applications, developers, display manufacturers, motion tracking companies, and input device manufacturers. 


Mechdyne uses this background "deamon" application in all of our software products, including Conduit™, CAVELib™, and vGeo™. We aren't alone - many other leading software companies use trackd to enable virtual reality interaction within their applications. 


With trackd, application developers can enable virtual reality interaction on their application, and tracker and device manufacturers write device support for their hardware.


Motion Tracking Devices Compatibility

  • A.R.T. ARTtrack® & DTrack®  
  • Ascension Flock of Birds® 
  • Ascension trakSTAR™ 
  • Intersense IS-900 
  • Motion Analysis Tracking 
  • NaturalPoint OptiTrack™
  • Polhemus FASTRAK®
  • Polhemus G4
  • Polhemus LIBERTY
  • Polhemus PATRIOT
  • Vicon Motion Capture
  • WoldViz PPT
  • zSpace

Input and Controller Devices Compatibility

  • A.R.T Flystick
  • DirectX Joysticks and Controllers (Windows Only)
  • Intersense Wand
  • Nintendo Wii Remote
  • Polhemus G4
  • Vicon Apex 
  • XInput Joysticks and Controllers (Windows Only)
  • zSpace Stylus

Software Applications Compatibility

  • All CAVELib Applications
  • Avizo® by VSG 
  • AVS Express MultiPipe Edition  
  • CEI Ensight Gold 
  • Concept
  • Conduit
  • CoVISE 
  • Division MockUp + IDO from PTC 
  • EON Reality 
  • FIELDVIEW eXtreme  
  • Inside Reality
  • InsideEarth
  • Lake Huron
  • Open Inventor™ from TGS
  • Opus Studio
  • RapidVRM from Visual Advantage (supporting Division MockUp)
  • SARANav
  • Showroom from UGS
  • Teamcenter Visualization
  • Vega Prime
  • vGeo
  • VR4MAXR from Tree C Technology
  • zSpace®