Most meeting rooms include a variety of AV/IT equipment that’s all connected and works together. When the system breaks down, the source of the problem may not be obvious. What may seem like a display issue may actually be a computer software problem.

You shouldn’t have to diagnose problems on your own. Instead, opt for service from a partner that investigates issues and finds solutions so you can go on with your work.

Don’t rely on the manufacturer or numerous service providers

Most manufacturers offer extended warranties. However, when a system breaks down, they may not be able to pinpoint the specific reason as to why their equipment is not working in your environment. Because the components are all connected, a manufacturer can’t diagnose a problem that may be caused by another component in your system.

Using different service providers for different components can leave you with the same problem. If the company that services your projector isn’t making the right connection, and the issue is being caused by your Wi-Fi network, your issue won’t get resolved. Instead, you may end up replacing perfectly good equipment and still encounter the same problem.

Ask the tough questions

Your best option is to work with a service provider that looks at the how your AV/IT system works as a whole, so they can perform root cause analysis, diagnose the issue, and immediately offer a solution.

By asking a few specific questions, you’ll learn all you need to know about the level of service you can expect:

Is the service team cross-trained on all the different components that make up your AV/IT system?

Are they brand agnostic? Can they work with every major brand in the industry? 

Are they able to provide troubleshooting, diagnostics and root cause analysis? 

Are they able to handle legacy systems? 

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The Mechdyne difference

Mechdyne’s approach is to offer a comprehensive service to handle your entire AV/IT system. Our professional team of service engineers thrives on providing solutions and helping clients. What are your specific needs? Whether you’re a small organization or a large company with multiple sites, Mechdyne can create the right service package to make sure you have access to the service you need, when you need it.

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