Mechdyne Parts Warranty Program

Wiring a FLEX and CAVE System

Complex AV/IT systems can incorporate components from many different manufacturers. Instead of keeping track of individual warranties that would frustrate and confuse a company, Mechdyne's parts warranty covers all your AV/IT system, regardless of individual warranties. One single warranty covers the complete system, providing you with seamless coverage. 

Benefits of the Mechdyne Parts Warranty Program

Even for equipment with an expired warranty, Mechdyne's warranty provides the same level of support as the manufacturer, with added benefits:

  • Mechdyne covers all shipping costs for repair. In many cases, we can work with the manufacturer to have a replacement component shipped in advance to the customer site before Mechdyne technicians arrive to fix the problem.
  • Mechdyne handles all of the communication and return shipping details if equipment needs to be returned to a manufacturer for repair.