PIVOT Login ButtonPivot: Central Point for Service 

We realize your time is money, and we design our support contracts to save you both. Pivot, our service management system, enables Mechdyne and your organization to share information about your system. Whenever you log an issue into Pivot, our technicians immediately have the information; both of us can track your case in real-time and manage the issue together.

Our support center is on call 24 hours a day to help your organization resolve issues as soon as they happen. Our technicians work with you over the phone to resolve or troubleshoot any issues. If the issue requires a visit, a Mechdyne trained and experienced teammate develops a solution before even arriving, so your issues are solved faster and better.

Benefits of the Pivot

  • Access your information anywhere, at any time by using a simple web-based interface.
  • Track, schedule, and communicate in real-time for unprecedented visibility of the service team.
  • Increase efficiency and asset management with logical and intuitive organization of all your documentation and drawings.
  • Improve IT case management, tracking, and capital planning with quick access, updates, submissions, and monitoring.
  • Know all your assets' status including inventory, equipment lifecycle, warranty status, and system and room usage.