Mechdyne Service Team COVID-19 Actions & Responses

As you are aware, COVID-19 is causing significant impacts on daily activities globally. We have put together a list of questions and responses as to how Mechdyne is handling the current situation. The situation is very fluid and changing daily, so please keep in mind as new data/information becomes available Mechdyne will adapt accordingly.

Mechdyne Service Support Contact Information

Support Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Central Standard Time 

  1. - The best method for contacting Mechdyne support

  2. 1-800-758-0249 - Service Agents available 24/7/365
    (Note: Agents are able to open cases and take general information only. A service engineer will respond for further support)

  3. Direct email to Service Engineers - For general questions and low priority items

Questions & Answers

Has Mechdyne enacted travel restrictions and work from home policies?

  • Yes, all non-essential business travel has been halted.  If you feel that a preventative maintenance visit and or a service support visit is absolutely necessary please contact the Mechdyne service team.  Requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis with safety and health being prioritized.   

Is the Mechdyne team still available for support? 

  • Yes, the full team is available for phone, email and remote support. Please reference the above contact information.   

Does Mechdyne have a set date for when site visits will resume?

  • The COVID-19 situation is very fluid and changing daily. Mechdyne will provide an update when our travel will resume.  

Will my Service Agreement end date be extended? 

  • All Service Agreements will end on their currently contracted dates. 
  • Mechdyne will reschedule any activities which are missed due to travel restrictions. If your contract expires before the COVID-19 travel restrictions are removed, we will work with you to schedule and complete Preventative Maintenance Visits.  

For specific questions/requests, please let us know. 

We Are Here to Help

Mechdyne is here to help. We provide services that may help clients during these changing times. Don't hesitate to contact us regarding any solutions that we may be able to provide. 

  • Remote Support Tools - Mechdyne has software specifically designed for remote work.  TGX allows users to work from remote locations accessing high-end workstations from consumer PC's with little to no lag during remote sessions.  Work as if you are sitting at your workstation at the office!
  • IT Support - Mechdyne has a full team of IT support professionals that can provide tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 support remotely.  Accessing resources remotely can be difficult and downtime is costly.  An effective IT support team is important to maintain productivity. Contact our IT team today to assist in workforce transition needs.

Thank you for your business and stay safe!