Corporate Audiovisual and Information Technology Alignment Services

technology alignment

Is your technology working for you? Or are you working for your technology? The impact of misaligned technology can be very subtle-an extra step that increases process time; an almost-solution that requires multiple apps, connections, or components; or a slight shift in user workflows resulting in redundant processes with the same outcomes. Even the smallest roadblocks slow down progress for your users, but overlooked issues compounded across an organization can be expensive.

Your company's goals, workflows, and teams constantly evolve. But, your technology stays static. Organizations rely on Mechdyne's Technology Alignment consulting to discover inefficiencies and lost productivity when technology does not match workflows. In this process, Mechdyne helps our clients identify untapped efficiencies and remove roadblocks.

Business Workflow Alignment Services

The relationship between users, workflows, and technology drives satisfaction and productivity. We help the most forward-thinking organizations analyze evolving workflows and processes in order to optimize technology contribution. When technology supports workflows, our clients experience maximized ROI and productivity.

Audiovisual and Information Technology Planning

It is common for an organization to lose track of their technology's status and end of serviceable life (EOSL). To plan for the future and optimize performance, organizations need to know as-built configurations, current performance levels, utilization and accessibility statistics, component warranty status, and upgrade options. Mechdyne helps our clients conduct a technology health audit of AV/IT solutions to support capital budgeting planning, physical plant remodeling or relocation, upgrade planning, and system optimization. The product of our technology alignment consulting has proven to save organizations time and money in the planning process and improve overall return on their AV/IT investment.

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