Blueprint: Audiovisual & Information Technology (AV/IT) Consulting Services

Do you hear any of these from your team?

"I can't stand using that conference room. I waste so much time trying to make the technology work."
"I can never hear remote callers over the room speakers, and there's always so much lag on the video."
"Every time I have a problem in this room, I have to call the IT team to fix the equipment. I wish I could just fix it myself."
"The Visualization Lab's technology is really outdated, it doesn't run nearly as well as it used to."
"The scheduling for this room is so bad. I don't know how to do it, and I always get kicked out because of an overlapping meeting."

This is just a small sampling of the reasons why employees avoid certain conference rooms or collaboration spaces. Technology frustrations plague organizations every single day, but it's a mistake to chalk them up as simple complaints. Understanding the true cause of such frustrations turns pain points into actionable data that will save you time and increase the bottom line. Mechdyne's Blueprint service bridges the gap between technology frustrations and the way your employees work every day. As a result, your company sees greater productivity and efficiencies while maximizing the use of your conference rooms and collaboration spaces.

Consulting Services for Corporate Audiovisual Equipment & Virtual Reality Technology

Blueprint combines user workflow analysis and technology recommendations to provide decision-makers the information they need to understand the current status of their audiovisual equipment and next steps to optimize equipment usage. As a baseline tool, Blueprint enables Mechdyne clients to understand how internal processes are affected by technology. In addition, clients learn how long current technology can be maintained and when they need to consider upgrading their system.

No matter your collaboration space, the Blueprint service can uncover the root cause of technology frustrations and turn them into actionable steps toward resolution. Examples of audiovisual and virtual reality technology serviced by Blueprint include:

Blueprint consists of four phases:

Discovery Phase. Through a series of introductory surveys and phone calls, the Mechdyne team gathers initial information about the technology space and how it is used. This serves as a starting point to uncover primary technology frustrations and challenges.

Maintenance and Diagnostic Phase. An expert audiovisual technician performs on-site system service to restore the technology to manufacturer specifications and keep technology running as expected. We also perform a complete system diagnostic to determine any root causes of technology concerns, signs of breakdown, and evidence that the technology has reached the end of its serviceable life.

Analysis Phase. Mechdyne's teammates get a deeper understanding of the pain points uncovered in the Discovery Phase and learn about each user group's workflows. Through on-site user interviews, we determine technology likes and dislikes, desired changes, information about the technology space itself, and how the space is currently used and visions for the future. 

Delivery Phase. At the conclusion of Blueprint, you receive a detailed report to guide future technology decisions that will meet user expectations and workflow needs. The report summarizes the current state of your users' workflows and the technology solution, then outlines technology and workflow recommendations. You own all report data, analysis, and recommendations received from Blueprint. 

Business Workflow and Technology Diagnostic

Despite their expertise in responsive issue resolution, an organization's IT team can struggle to resolve the underlying causes of continuously reoccurring issues. Complex technology solutions, such as large collaboration rooms or huddle spaces, have many varied components to consider such as audiovisual, network, and HVAC. Furthermore, IT teams simply don't have time to analyze and optimize their organization's workflows and technology status due to their critical day-to-day operations. 

Mechdyne diagnoses and addresses these underlying technology problems with our:

  • Extensive professional and technical knowledge of the AV/IT industry
  • Unbiased approach in how an organization's employees work and their reactions to technology
  • Proven process to understand all stakeholders' desired outcomes and how technology both limits and aids those outcomes
  • Insight into technology innovations and best practices in our clients' industries

Confident and satisfied users create more value in the organization because they are leveraging technology investments for their own productivity. When organizations acknowledge their employees' workflows and technology concerns, they understand exactly how to maximize productivity and efficiency.

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