BlueprintTM: AV & IT Technology Services

Blueprint AV support services and evaluation include:

  • Optimizing current AV/IT system performance by recalibrating your existing AV/IT system to optimal factory specifications
  • Providing you with a detailed report of all actions taken by the Mechdyne technical support team
  • Analyzing all technology components' life-cycle status, sustainability, and potential replacement technologies
  • Performing a usability and user experience analysis of existing AV/IT systems to bolster future technology recommendations
  • Developing at least two solution recommendations that facilitate goal realization and workflow preferences:

1) Maintain current technology with your timeframe

2) Upgrade to new system

Without proactive planning, audiovisual and information technology (AV/IT) systems will remain static, failing to live up to and support your company's goals for growth. A careful planning process provides valuable return on investment through workflow optimization, productivity, efficiency, and user satisfaction.

Mechdyne developed Blueprintâ„¢ to help clients transform static technology and procurement processes, maximizing their end-user's experience. Blueprint is a combination of technology consulting and proactive system evaluation that provides you with the tools and information you need to confidently develop, fund, and execute a strategic technology plan. Each of our clients works with our Blueprint team that includes AV/IT technology experts, workflow consultants, and post-deployment technical support specialists.

User Interviews, AV System Assessments & Strategy Implementation

This collaborative process includes three phases:

  1. Discovery Phase: establish Blueprint goals and develop a technology assessment plan that will reveal barriers to AV/IT deployment success, primary pain points for users, and opportunities for enhancement
  2. Maintenance & Evaluation Phase: restore existing technology to factory specifications, evaluate overall system functionality, and test feasibility of workflow modifications
  3. Delivery Phase: present recommendations and technology assessments

The Discovery Phase

We work with clients to identify the users at the center of the workflow cycle who are most directly impacted by a process change. Through our discovery calls, surveys, interviews, and roundtable discussions, we identify how a particular change will ripple through the organization. Examining the gap between current and proposed workflows, we bring to light critical areas for training, modification, and communication.

Maintenance & Evaluation Phase

To ensure maximum return and effective management of end of serviceable life (EOSL), system assessments are vital. Mechdyne's assessments identify gaps between clients' organizational goals and technological capabilities. This gap analysis provides a framework for creating future technology roadmaps, which may include upgrades, replacements, or a simple ongoing maintenance plan, ultimately leading to optimized user experience and efficiency.

Delivery Phase

Mechdyne has helped hundreds of organizations around the globe transform AV/IT workflows. Our 20 years of experience have taught us that careful and deliberate planning results in successful implementation and leads to exceptional results. We help clients identify knowledge gaps and develop an action plan that includes targeted training and internal public relations to streamline any technological transitions that may occur.

From the beginning, we set clients up for success by giving them the tools to measure and report success. Blueprint enables organizations to establish metrics that are directly aligned to objectives for user efficiency, effectiveness, satisfaction, and cost savings.


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