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IT Environment Management

Mobile workforces are here to stay. They extend an organization’s reach to new employees and new clients, providing opportunities and challenges not experienced at such a large scale in years past. This shift in operations means many organizations have employees connecting to internal networks from endpoints globally. While the flexibility to connect to internal resources from anywhere in the world is incredibly positive, the potential threat impact can feel daunting. With most organizational hacking events starting with endpoints connecting to the network, it’s more vital than ever to ensure company assets are protected. Endpoint management services (EMS) are more important for productivity and security than ever.

Secure & Manage Your Environment
DNS Filtering & Endpoint Management

Why Endpoint & Server Management Matters

Many organizations’ servers and devices are running on outdated and unsupported operating systems.  It can be hard to keep up with the ever-changing pace of technology. But running unsupported applications puts your company at a major risk of security threats. Outdated and unpatched devices become a ticking time bomb on your network, just waiting to explode and bring your business operations to a screeching halt. While managing so many endpoints can feel like a major undertaking, replacing legacy operating systems and patching modern applications to operate on supported versions is the best way to increase security and enhance capabilities. Upgrading also results in new functionality and improved productivity and effectiveness of your operating system as a whole.

Benefits of Endpoint Management Services

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Use an IT Services Partner to Keep Up

Many IT departments just don’t have the bandwidth to keep up with the latest threats and patches required to minimize endpoint security risks. Partnering with an experienced IT service team can help ensure endpoints, network switches and routers, and servers are updated and secure to minimize the risk of disruptions that impact the flow of everyday business. From server upgrades to desktop and laptop updates for thousands of employees, we’ve got you covered. Our Remote Level 2 team monitors the patch cycle and remediates any issues.

Minimize Security Risks

Next Generation Cyber Threat Prevention

Mechdyne’s Endpoint Detection and Response Solution offers a robust cybersecurity system to protect organizations’ data secure endpoints.

Machine Learning & AI-enabled Threat Detection
Heuristics-driven Malware Detection
Threat Behavioral & Pre-Execution Analysis
Enhanced Quarantine
Automatic File Rollback

Mechdyne's Endpoint Management Service (EMS) includes...

Patch Management
  • Alleviate the strain on internal teams with monthly Windows and Office patch management
  • Respond to events faster through automated alerts, notifications, and reporting
  • Continuously secure the environment with automatic detection of new devices on the network
3rd-Party Security Updates
  • Simplify and integrate application patch management into the monthly patch process
  • Securely use business applications like Adobe, Cisco Webex, Google Drive, and more
Endpoint Security
  • Stay ahead of new threats with AI & Machine Learning-powered threat detection
  • Protect users and systems from online threats with DNS filtering
  • Stop threats from infecting other endpoints with automatic device quarantine
Monthly Administration Services
  • Save time by letting our team review, approve, and stage monthly updates released by Microsoft and third-party vendors
  • Standardize patch schedules through management agent patch deployment
  • Understand the state of the environment through status, device health, and security health reporting
As-Needed Remediation
  • Stay focused on critical projects with a remote remediation team that is ready to address issues
Secure Your Environment

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