TGX Remote Desktop

Enabling work from home for engineers, designers, geoscientists, & other power users for a like-local experience


Software Products & Services

Developing advanced visualization software to improve workflows and collaboration

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24/7 Global Support

Protecting, maintaining, and keeping your systems running at optimal levels with 24/7 global support

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AV & IT Consulting & Design

Boosting cost-savings with comprehensive technology design insights and strategies

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3D Visualization & Virtual Reality

Driving scientific advancement with data visualization and VR

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Mechdyne Offers Ultimate "Work from Home" Solution for Designers, Engineers, Geo-scientists, Creatives, and Other Graphics-Intensive Users.

TGX Remote Desktop enables business continuity for organizations with vital workstations remaining in the office.  

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Mechdyne Launches smartAR

Mechdyne's smartAR is a new Augmented Reality tool that enables intuitive capture of ideas and direction during design reviews. smartARâ„¢ integrates with existing production tools to provide a digital CAD overlay viewed on a tablet device.

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Introducing Meeting Canvas 3.0   

A Collaboration Tool for Design Thinking, Agile Project Management Features Upgraded Capabilities

Meeting Canvas 3.0 simultaneously integrates multiple sources of content, enables digital sticky notations and dynamic mark-ups in real-time, and caters to continuous team workflow activities. Meeting Canvas enables strategy teams to brainstorm, analyze, and implement new processes in less time. It supports product design teams as they innovate to develop new, higher-quality designs, faster. It facilitates researchers who must analyze multiple, contextual datasets, collaborate, and annotate insights.

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We view our relationships with our clients as collaborative partnerships. Together, we make amazing things happen - creating new innovations to improve collaboration and research, resolving workflow inefficiencies, and filling technology gaps. We partner with companies across industries to create innovative technology solutions. See how Mechdyne can help impact your company's bottom line by selecting an icon below.

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Mechdyne Is Still Here For You During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Mechdyne remains committed to serving our clients. If you have an urgent need or a project you would like to complete while your employees are working from home, please contact us and we will discuss potential options.  Depending upon location and local, state, and federal guidelines, we will analyze it on a case by case basis.  We look forward to serving you.

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