On-Site and Remote Services

Our Infrastructure Management Services are designed to keep your network and server infrastructure running smoothly and efficiently, and in the process, reduce the burden on your existing IT staff. Whether you are a small organization that needs broad infrastructure support or a larger organization that wants to augment your existing resources, we have the expertise to support both on-site and remote infrastructure management services. Let your team focus on strategic organizational objectives while we focus on day-to-day tasks.

Our team of certified network engineers are experts in specific domains who have the skills to know what issues to look for, and how to fix them quickly. They work to ensure a more proactive approach to maintaining your business-critical infrastructure and can handle Remote Level 3 service requests as they arise.

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Managed Infrastructure Services

Our managed infrastructure management services include the following:

  • Consulting services to review current infrastructure and recommend changes
  • Security and system monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Installation of new OS releases/patches, including developing upgrade paths and schedules as needed.
  • Evaluation of security advisory alerts and recommendations
  • Examination of network monitoring alerts and assessments of utilization trends
  • Back-up administration
  • End-user training
  • Project-based support such as Office 365 migration services, training, and support
  • User onboarding and offboarding

Our Infrastructure Management services can also be combined with our Network Monitoring Solution (NMS), resulting in a comprehensive, turnkey program for monitoring and maintaining your complex network infrastructure.

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