Embracing The Mobile Revolution

In most organizations today, smartphones and tablets are critical tools for employees to stay connected, especially as remote work has become essential to organizational success.

Supporting a large mobile device environment presents key challenges to corporate IT departments in both logistics and security. Add in a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) strategy, and the complexities only increase.

Most IT Managers know mobile device provisioning consumes up to 90 minutes or more of valuable technician time. Technicians must activate the device, configure it, and deploy software and the mobile device management solution, if there is one. Then there’s training and instruction on how to use the device. Of course, ongoing support will be required for the user environment. Multiply that by the number of users, and it becomes evident that a significant percentage of valuable IT time can be consumed by setting up and maintaining the life cycle of these devices.

Enjoy the benefits of a mobile workforce with reduced overall support costs by outsourcing responsibilities, data usage monitoring, and plan management. With Mechdyne’s Mobile Device Management, IT teams can focus on strategic business objectives and maintain high standards of support throughout their organization.

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Mobile Device Management Services

Mobile Device Management Benefits

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Reduction of per device setup time up to 50%.
  • Leveraging remote connectivity tools to remove handing the phone off or end-users trying to follow the set-up alone.
Faster time to productivity
  • Employee education specific to new devices so they become comfortable with the device much more quickly.
Proper assignment and correct configuration of all devices
  • Support business rules governing security from the moment the device is activated, including mobile device management (MDM) and corporate applications
Large-scale mobile device deployments can be completed with limited internal IT staff
  • Our remote teams can handle most deployments without traveling on-site or engaging more IT resources.
Internal IT teams remain focused on strategic business objectives and growth
  • Get the most out of your IT team. Without distractions from mobile device issues, they can focus on tasks that drive business goals.
Cost savings from mobile user data plan management
  • Everyone with the right device on the right plan. Our team can take over the constant management of data and phone plans to keep users productive and costs to a minimum.

Additional MDM Services Include:

  • Assigning and tracking ownership of phones
  • Assigning or resetting voicemail passwords
  • Configuration of corporate mobile applications through a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution
  • Remote viewing and configuration of existing devices, making the end-user experience more efficient and helpful
  • Provision of startup education and general technical support
  • Factory resets
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