Enterprise Level Support

As an IT Services partner, Mechdyne focuses on getting employees back to work on delivering initiatives that drive our clients’ businesses. Our focus in three key areas allows us to provide enterprise-level support to any organization:

  • A high-quality experience for users, measured by user satisfaction surveys
  • Quick resolution of IT issues via well-managed ITIL based processes
  • The use of data and metrics to identify recurring issues, perform root cause analysis, and help our clients identify and address training and infrastructure needs

Our 100% US-based, 24/7 teams keep users productive, IT teams focused on strategic tasks, and technology running smoothly. The quality of our data analysis and ITIL best practices have resulted in a 97% contract renewal rate over our 34 years of business.

From level one and two help desk support to managing onsite delivery of IT services or remotely managing servers, laptops, desktops, mobile devices, and network infrastructure, our team is qualified and ready to help your company cope with the ever-changing world of technology. Mechdyne’s remote or onsite services improves support for end-users and allows for faster implementation of projects. Our clients access our experienced agents, engineers, and technicians for standard or after-hours support. Our proven methodologies use the latest technologies and are executed with precision to meet the specific needs of any organization. We serve clients throughout North America and in 14 countries around the world with experience in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, energy, professional services, and retail environments. We continue to lead the industry with our enterprise-class IT solutions for both large and mid-size businesses.

IT Services is one business unit within Mechdyne Corporation, a broad-based technology partner that helps global clients remove obstacles to insight and understanding. Mechdyne’s business units provide comprehensive, customized solutions that also include Audio Visual and Virtual and Augmented Reality Solutions, AV Services, Software Services, and Engineered Display Structures.

Our Values

Honesty and integrity
in everything we do.

Our people are number
one. Treat each other
well, expect a lot, and
good things will follow.

Contribution and
responsibility to the
communities in which
we live.

Excellence in The Four
P’s: Positive Attitude.
Proactiveness. Process.

Profit and growth as a
means to make all the
other values and
objectives possible.

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