Our Mission

Mechdyne Enables Discovery...

Mechdyne partners with organizations to remove roadblocks, improving productivity and profitability. Our innovative solutions and services enable discovery, collaboration, and enhanced decision-making.

We are relentless about researching and developing better ways to solve the business challenges presented by world-leading organizations. We help drive innovation in industries ranging from manufacturing, energy, healthcare, and higher education to the government and military.

Who We Are

Mechdyne Corporation was founded in 1996 by Iowa State University (ISU) graduates, Dr. Chris Clover, Jim Gruening, and Kurt Hoffmeister after honing their skills at ISU’s Virtual Reality Applications Center.  Mechdyne’s very first project focused on creating a virtual reality (VR) firefighting simulator for the U.S. Navy.  

While VR is still an important and growing piece of the company’s portfolio, Mechdyne has greatly expanded its capabilities. It was, in fact, enterprise VR clients who presented Mechdyne with non-VR challenges. By taking the idea of working with clients collaboratively and applying new ideas to a wide variety of challenging and costly obstacles, Mechdyne has created tools and services that allow organizations and industries to explore undiscovered areas and uncover new insights and solutions. Over time, this led to the formation of new business units; AV & VR Solutions, AV Services, IT Services, Software Services, Engineered Display Structures and Custom Manufacturing, and Network Infrastructure to offer a wide variety of separate or combined solutions.

Virtual reality user with head mounted VR VIVE display and full body motion tracking suit
Mechdyne global capabilities

Today, Mechdyne is a broad-based technology partner serving a global client base of some of the world’s most famous organizations. We help our clients make money or save money to produce an incredible return on investments in Mechdyne products and services. 

We are extremely proud of the accomplishments of all of our teammates since our humble beginnings in 1996 and look forward to continuing to Enable Discovery in the 21st century and beyond!

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Our Values

Honesty and integrity
in everything we do.

Our people are number one. Treat each other well, expect a lot, and good things will follow.

Contribution and
responsibility to the
communities in which
we live.

Excellence in The Four
P’s: Positive Attitude.
Proactiveness. Process.

Profit and growth as a
means to make all the
other values and
objectives possible.

Mechdyne Community Contribution program

Community Contribution

At Mechdyne, we approach contribution as an opportunity to use our resources to enhance the quality of life by serving communities in which we live. 

Mechdyne’s Community Contribution Program provides direct contributions and sponsorships to select charitable organizations that make a difference in people’s lives, with particular emphasis on supporting organizations that help people access resources to improve and enrich their lives. 

Current Funding Priorities
  • Social and Human Service Organizations, especially those assisting low- and moderate-income individuals
  • Youth, especially those who are disadvantaged in some way
  • Community Improvement and Investment
  • Education
  • Arts and Culture
Application Process
Funding Assistance May Include:
  • Donations: A gift-in-kind or cash donation
  • Fundraising: Direct involvement in raising funds or goods for not-for-profit organizations
  • Sponsorships: Sponsored events in the communities where we do business
  • Partnerships: A mutually beneficial relationship with a not-for-profit organization
  • Employee Volunteerism: Support to employees as they volunteer in the community
Program Guidelines
  • Demonstrate general support in the community
  • Be consistent with our core value "Contribution and responsibility to the communities in which we live and work"
  • Demonstrate a significant and unique contribution to community life
  • Demonstrate clearly defined and measurable goals and objective
Ineligible Organizations & Projects Include:
  • Religious or sectarian organizations (except where they represent non-denominational community and social support services)
  • Political organizations
  • Individuals
  • For-profit organizations
  • Service clubs and fraternal organizations
  • Third-party fundraisers or professional solicitors
Mechdyne Does Not Support the Following Ventures:
  • Debt-reduction campaigns
  • Goodwill advertising
  • Travel, accommodations, meal expenses, field trips, and tours
  • Beauty pageants or wilderness adventure activities
  • Retroactive requests
  • Conferences, seminars, and workshops

Safety Matters

We work hard to make sure our team operates in safe work environments and that our visitors and customers have a safe experience, too. All of our delivery processes, services, and solutions meet the industry’s best safety practice standards.

We’re members of ISN, a trusted global resource that connects organizations with safe and reliable contractors from established industries. ISN members include energy supermajors, construction firms, and others who demand stringent, daily safety practices. We’re proud to be listed on ISN’s online database, ISNetworld, for having met those requirements. Mechdyne has been meticulously vetted for our adherence to safety, procurement, sustainability, quality, and regulatory standards by a trusted outside source committed to creating reliable work relationships.