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IT has become a main business driver and the foundation for growth for most organizations. Because of this, IT teams are under increasing pressure to meet operational and performance expectations and security needs of an organization – all while keeping costs in check. As businesses grow and evolve, so do their IT and audio visual (AV) needs. Rather than investing significant resources in building and maintaining an in-house support staff, Managed Service Providers (MSP) can supplement or manage the IT needs of your business. Having the right partner increases IT agility to meet ever-changing needs, creates positive interactions with users at each touchpoint, and increases awareness into the technical and user environment.

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Managed Services Cost Control

Why Partner with a Managed Service Provider?

Managed Services (MS) allow you to access a team of IT professionals at a set rate with the ability to scale resources quickly. MSPs also offer flexibility with remote support when you need it with 24/7 on-call options available. Not only does outsourcing lower labor costs and eliminate the expense of hiring and training new IT staff, but it also allows your organization to meet performance expectations, reduce costly downtime, and increase reliability without blowing up your budget.

MS contracts include Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) that define the services and expected service levels to be provided, as well as the metrics by which they will be measured. The SLA also details the remedies or penalties incurred if targets are not achieved. This provides your organization with service and support that you can count on at a designated monthly price.

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A Single Partner for IT & AV Managed Services

Mechdyne’s IT and AV Services teams have been providing our Managed Services clients with a single point of accountability and support for all IT and audio visual service needs for over 20 years. We believe this creates a level of consistency of service that allows our clients to tackle their strategic objectives with peace of mind that we are constantly focusing on optimizing all their technology to maximize end-user productivity.

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MSP Benefits

Partnering with a Managed Service Provider enables business continuity and efficiency. Consider working with an MSP to:

Support Daily Business Processes

Develop & maintain IT infrastructure to support organizational growth

Minimize Downtime

Maximize equipment performance by managing, maintaining, updating, and repairing IT & AV equipment

Manage Costs

Receive high-level quality service for one monthly fee

Increase IT & AV Capabilities to End-Users

Deploy new applications, devices, or services throughout the organization efficiently & effectively

Set Future Strategic Goals

Align technology needs with future business objectives & focus in-house IT teams on core competencies

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Managed Services Protecting Profits

Protect Profits

Manage Organizational Profits

Scale your IT team while protecting profitability by partnering with an experienced managed service provider. We can expand your team’s capabilities without the overhead costs of hiring new teammates. We are managed service experts in:

IT Solutions

AV Solutions

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A Small Sample of Our Clients

24x7 Managed Service Desk for a Global User Base

Global Consulting Firm

Audio Visual Managed & White Glove Executive Support

Energy Supermajor

Management of 1200+ collaboration spaces and events on a 10,000-employee corporate campus

Energy Supermajor

Complete on-site and remote Level 1 through 3 IT support

Growing Energy Acquisition Firm

IT Services that consolidated vendor relationships

Nation-wide Insurance Company

Standardized Service Desk support for newly merged businesses

Global Packaging Company
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