Asset Lifecycle Management


If your organization also needs assistance with ongoing support for the operation and maintenance of IT assets, we’ve got you covered. We can develop an asset lifecycle management plan that best fits your organizational needs.


Asset Lifecycle Management

Simplify Your Asset Deployment Process

Developing a robust IT asset deployment process can improve productivity and end-user experience. The challenge? Some IT departments don’t have the bandwidth to deal with the ebbs and flows of asset deployment needs. From equipping new teammates, updating existing employees’ technology, retrieving equipment when employee turnover occurs, to retiring outdated devices, it can be a lot to manage. Partnering with an experienced IT service provider to manage the asset deployment & disposition process allows IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives, while we take care of managing asset needs.

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Asset Deployment & Disposition Services


Pre-Deployment Receipt, Storage, Imaging, & Logistics

We take care of receiving, storing, and preparing devices for deployment as needed. Whether it’s for new hires or a company-wide technology upgrade, we’ve got you covered.


Post-Deployment Support

Deploying assets to employees is only part of the deployment process. The critical component is ensuring technology works as needed and intended once your end-users begin to use their devices. We provide “Day Two” support through our Level 2 team to create a smooth transition for new technology usage.


Secure Disposition

Planning for new technology needs is vital for organizational health. Technology disposal plans are equally important. Once devices become outdated or no longer work, they must be securely and safely retired and disposed of. We work with a 3rd party vendor of your choosing to coordinate the disposal process. Devices are removed from circulation, stored securely, and then retrieved by the 3rd party vendor for proper disposal.

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