The Importance of Active Directories

As operating systems are updated, it’s important to assess the Active Directory (AD) to manage and control access to critical network resources. As system administrators come and go, Active Directories can easily become polluted. Reviewing the AD every few years can locate vulnerabilities and realign the environment. Mergers and acquisitions are another key time to assess, plan, and consolidate directories so that they operate as one cohesive organization. In either scenario, having a solid governance plan in place that is followed and reviewed periodically can keep your directories healthy.  

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Benefits of Managed IT Services

Working with an experienced IT service team to review and update directories according to your organizational management structure and policies helps to:   

  • Streamline IT operations 
  • Eliminate redundancy 
  • Reduce IT expenses 
  • Standardize identity management  
  • Create consistent security across the organization 
  • Manage account privileges and access rights 
  • Ensure back-up and disaster recovery plans exist and are tested 
Business Processes and Workflows

Let us help bring your organization’s Active Directory back to good health.

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