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Mechdyne Audio Visual Technology Audits

Organizations must have a complete picture of the technology environment to operate efficiently. The first step to understanding the technology across an organization is having the correct and up-to-date system documentation.

Organizations typically conduct technology audits when they have not received the appropriate bill of materials for integration projects, sites have been upgraded using an ad hoc approach without proper documentation, or the documentation has simply been lost over time.  Organizations with up-to-date audio visual system documentation improve support, plan better, and budget accurately.

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Improve Support
  • Know what technology you have. Better understand which parts fail frequently.
Better Plan for the Future
  • Know where the AV equipment is in its lifecycle.
Accurate Budgets
  • Knowing the end-of-life date for equipment to budget for its replacement/upgrade.

What is a technology audit?

Mechdyne’s Audio Visual Engineers document installed audio visual and collaboration technology and build connectivity drawings within collaboration spaces, conference rooms, and complex visualization spaces.

In many cases, clients ask for our team to document and/or resolve issues as they uncover while going through each system. Since our AV Engineers conduct the audits, they are able to resolve issues as they work through the environment, or document them appropriately for further troubleshooting by the internal team. Issue resolution and documentation means less downtime from audio visual equipment issues lingering in the environment waiting for users to encounter the problem.

Once the audit is complete, Mechdyne’s team delivers a comprehensive document package to clients.  Armed with this information, client teams make more informed plans and budget for the future, as well as determine if the current support structure is appropriate.

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Combining Technology Audits with Mechdyne Blueprint

Mechdyne Blueprint takes technology audits a step further. We analyze workflows, determine technology end-of-life, and assist in planning technology upgrades. Learn more here.

By diving deeper into the environment and going beyond just building an organization’s documentation, organizations gain insights and enable technology teams to make more informed decisions.

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