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Digital transformations create the opportunity for both growth and increased competition for many companies. These transformations have placed technology as the organizational backbone for all companies, regardless of what services or solutions they offer. Without a strategic plan to manage technological needs, to align with company goals, organizations begin to fail. To keep up, smaller organizations must look for cost-effective measures to acquire senior IT experience and expertise. While some need short-term IT strategy support, others are partnering with Virtual CIOs (vCIO) to serve as their Chief Information Officer on a flexible basis. There are many benefits to both. 

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IT Strategy Support

Many organizations have IT teams that can manage day-to-day needs of end-users. What they might be missing is the strategic vision to align technology needs with organizational goals. That’s where an experienced Managed IT Services partner can help. Our experience in a wide variety of industries with a wide range of company needs positions us to help organizations of all kinds. We’ve seen it all. Let our experts work with your team to develop an IT strategy that’s specific to your environment and goals.

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What is a Virtual CIO?

Why You Might Need a Virtual CIO

Developing a strategic technology plan can be a complex exercise that not all organizations have the bandwidth or expertise to do alone. Working with an experienced vCIO service provider gives small to mid-sized companies with deep technical expertise, strong business management skills, and access to knowledge about industry trends they might not have in-house. Most virtual CIOs also have the advantage of working with hundreds of other companies that face many of the same challenges and have the expertise to know which technologies are best at solving specific problems. This knowledge aligned with overall organizational goals creates a strategic plan that sets organizations up for long-term growth and success.

Value Virtual CIOs Provide

The role of a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) is to provide strategic guidance on technology goals needed to align with overall organizational goals. This support and guidance includes:

  • Annual reviews with company stakeholders to
  • Understand overall goals and review progress
  • Assess technology gaps and develop 12/24/36 month roadmaps for transition and implementation
  • Risk and disaster preparedness assessments to identify and address vulnerabilities
  • Identify compliance requirements impacting the organization
  • Development and management of annual IT budget planning
  • Assessment of current in-house IT staff skills and alignment

The overall goal of the vCIO is to uncover needs and recommend technology changes that can drive efficiencies, increase automation, and support organizational objectives.

How a vCIO Partnership Works

Virtual CIO services are typically performed part-time, both on-site and remotely to assist with the strategic planning, annual IT budget process, technology selection and adoption guidance, dedicated resource management, and day-to-day service delivery operations.

The role of the vCIO is to act as the conduit between technology and the business leaders, assisting with the translation of business requirements into technology goals and tactics. The vCIO will meet with organization’s key stakeholders on a regular basis, at a mutually agreed upon time, to understand the business challenges by engaging with the department heads and executives and the vCIO will develop an executable technology road map. Furthermore, the vCIO will also provide guidance on industry trends and best practices by managing and mentoring the dedicated support team to maintain.

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