Network infrastructure is made up of different components that transfer data throughout an organization. The backbone of the system is made up of structured network cabling. It streamlines the management of every business’ voice, data, security, and media distribution network. These network cables run throughout a building or campus along the same path as your electrical wires and plug directly into network servers and switches. Network cabling is comprised of traditional copper cabling or fiber optic cabling solutions. Both create a necessary solution to support device and network connections that drive all business operations.

While pulling cables throughout an organization sounds like a simple task, we know there is more to deploying a data network than just plugging in the components and turning them on. IP convergence has brought many devices and solutions onto the network that were previously never considered in network design. VoIP phone systems, video streaming and distribution, audio distribution (music, intercom, and paging), surveillance cameras, and access control systems are now designed to exist on the IP network.

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Fiber Optic Networks

Fiber Optic Networks

Buildings contain many interoperable, connected devices and systems. Each connected system consumes network bandwidth which can stretch or surpass the limits of standard, copper cable technology. A fiber optic-based network acts as a virtually limitless superhighway that connects all technology and enables the gathering of invaluable operational information.

Passive Optical Networks (PON) are ideal for design and integration into new building projects. PON can also replace existing, legacy copper cables without the need to change or modify existing building systems. This fiber optic network solution offers a scalable, future-proofed infrastructure while creating new options for building design and operational efficiencies.

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Wireless Networks

Wireless networks allow laptops, tablets, smartphones, or any other IoT devices to connect to a corporate network, allowing teammates the ability to roam unbound throughout an organization. Wi-Fi technology standards have improved over the years, significantly eroding the differences between wired and wireless networks. Wireless networks can be deployed as a centralized, converged, or cloud-based solution based on organizational needs.

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Firewalls, Web, and SPAM Filters

Preventing web and email-borne threats to the network is an ongoing challenge most organizations wrestle with. Rather than installing filtering solutions that protect each individual teammate, many companies are embracing network-wide solutions that can protect the entire network. This solution allows protection from a single administrative portal, even if the network is providing service for multiple locations. Firewalls, web, and SPAM filters are effective tools to protect any organization from hacking and virus threats. Learn more about each tool to determine which level of protection is best for your organizational needs.


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Switches and Routers

Switches and Routers are two essential pieces of any organization’s network infrastructure. Though these network hardware devices each perform different functions, they both connect devices, increase network speeds, and improve user security. Maximizing network performance requires an understanding of the differences and similarities between the two devices to design an effective solution. Our network specialists have the expertise to connect your core network to distribution switches and then out to access switches that power each device on the network.

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