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Mechdyne’s onsite service teammates allow organizations to focus on strategic growth initiatives while our experts manage day-to-day technology needs. We strive to maximize the performance and reliability of technology when it matters most, and expand team capabilities with software engineering experts to harness the power of visualization and immersive technology.

Boost Efficiency and Technology Reliability

We offer IT, audio visual, and software solutions that fill gaps, add expertise, and deliver projects on time.

Onsite IT Support

  • Deskside End-User Support
  • Asset Management
  • Device Depot & Configuration Services

Onsite Audio Visual Support

  • Fully Managed Support Services
  • Technical Staffing Solutions
  • White Glove Event & Meeting Support
  • Event Video Production

Embedded Software Engineering

  • Data Analytics, GIS, & Visualization
  • Optimizing Complex Workflows
  • Custom VR/AR Content
  • Digital Design, Rendering, and Visualization Support
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Onsite IT & AV Services

Onsite Level 2 IT Support

Take the burden off your internal teams. Don’t let end-user support interruptions or device management stall critical projects and initiatives. Our onsite Level 2 IT support teams typically provide: 

  • break/fix support, configuration issue resolutions, and general hardware troubleshooting
  • diagnostics and resolutions for software, operating system, business application, and connectivity issues 
  • software installation and updates
  • configuration of email in all OS environments
  • mapping drives and printers
  • peripheral and network troubleshooting
  • mobile device activation and support
  • active directory account administration
Onsite Audio Visual Professional Services

Unlock the full potential of your AV setup. Dedicated support teams are created for you – without the need for hiring or training. Our onsite expert AV service provides support for:

  • classrooms
  • conference rooms
  • executive board rooms
  • complex visualization spaces
Onsite Audio Visual Managed Services

Maximize your ROI and user satisfaction. Our expert technicians provide friendly and practical support, enabling your users to interact with technology in a seamless and efficient manner. With meaningful data and analytics, you can make informed decisions and optimize your tech investments for greater returns. Our onsite expert AV-managed service teams can: 

  • reduce up to 60% of issues with user training
  • reduce up to 87% of recurring user issues with personalized self-help content
  • reduce reactive tickets by 50%
  • extend technology lifespans through regular maintenance
  • increase overall technology usage

Embedded Software Services

Supplementing & Optimizing Complex Workflows

Data collection is challenging when delivered in a variety of formats from many different locations. Our outsourced software engineering services team thrives on developing programs that collect, modify, and organize data. We turn painstaking processes into efficient and productive ones. Our clients’ access reports quickly and focus on what matters most. Some of past projects have included:

  • Our software engineers developed an analysis tool while working for a space exploration organization, that takes atmospheric satellite data and transforms it into a reporting format used by earth scientists for research and predictions.
  • Our embedded services teammates at a national health agency quickly began organizing a wide variety of data sources into reports when COVID-19 hit the U.S. in 2019. The reports were used in daily broadcasts throughout the country for COVID tracking and predictions.
Data Analytics, GIS, & Advanced Visualization

Our embedded software engineers help organizations to interpret data quickly and focus on what matters most. We develop actionable reports that allow organizations to visualize, assess, and plan in support of locational preparedness. One of our past projects included: 

  • Natural disasters create devastation in their paths annually. Our software engineers at a national health organization developed an analysis tool called The Threat Matrix. It overlays various levels of threat percentages on a map that takes into account hospital beds, response supplies, and threats from the disaster itself. The agency uses this report for recommendations and strategic decisions in both medical emergencies and disaster response.
Digital Design, Rendering & Visualization Support

Long-term agile design teams have complex visualization needs. Allow design teams to focus on strategic initiatives. Delivering complete digital design and visualization projects from concept and Class-A to digital marketing content. We provide design resources for the following industries: 

  • Automotive/Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Devices

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