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Protecting people and assets is one of your highest priorities. We understand the importance of safety and physical security solutions in today’s world. We design and install Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) systems. These systems incorporate video surveillance, access control systems, mass notification systems, and intrusion detection into an integrated solution.

Our goal is to create a security system that will empower your personnel to identify and proactively resolve situations quickly and safely.  

Mechdyne is proud to offer a wide array of security solutions. Protect the people and assets of your facility, as well as its aesthetics. Our global security solutions integrate seamlessly into any venue; churches, schools, healthcare, government, hospitality, sports, and more.  

Mechdyne Security Systems

Digital Surveillance Systems 

Protecting people and assets 24/7 is a challenge for any facility, but that is where Mechdyne can be of service. We can provide comprehensive coverage. Our easy-to-use systems offer both local and remote monitoring and storage.  

Mass Notification Systems  

In an emergency, communications within facilities and response teams become a matter of life safety. Notifications must be fast, reliable, and effortless. Mechdyne can design a system that meets your needs and complies with applicable codes and standards.  

Access Control Systems

Mechdyne can provide solutions scaling from a single building to or an entire campus. Our skilled and experienced engineers can design, install and support all of your business wants and needs. For now and for many more years to come.  

Intrusion Detection Systems  

Keep unwanted intruders out of your facility through early detection and rapid response.  

Command/Control Room Spaces 

Our experienced audio-visual teams can design a control room. This can be done at any scale, from a single desk/console to full video wall capabilities.  

Security Camera Outdoors
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Benefits of Security Systems

Some of the Benefits of Physical Security Systems include:
  • Protect your employees 
  • Monitor and control building access 
  • Reduce liability expenses 
  • Manage real-time threats effectively 
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