Marshalltown, IA, February 21, 2017 – This week, Mechdyne joined five other integration firms in receiving an Excellence in Business award from NSCA. Each year, NSCA awards six organizations for business innovations in the constantly-changing industry. Mechdyne’s achievement was in the Talent Development category thanks to the improvements made to their recruiting and retention process.

“It is so rewarding to be acknowledged by the NSCA for all of the efforts Mechdyne has made in hiring and retaining our teammates,” said Sue Goodman, HR executive at Mechdyne. “While not always an easy process, our team has done an exceptional job identifying challenge areas and making necessary improvements. I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

Five years ago, Mechdyne’s hiring timeframe averaged 96 days. Today, it has been reduced to 49 days. Over the last two years, Mechdyne’s HR department has made radical improvements to the hiring and recruitment process. To more efficiently and accurately track potential candidates and their progress throughout the hiring process, the HR team implemented a new hiring applicant tracking system, weekly recruitment meetings, and velocity reports. A teammate referral bonus is also in place to incentivize current teammates to identify candidates they know would be a good fit for Mechdyne.

Teammates are number one at Mechdyne, and cultural fit is key for a new hire. Teammates are brought onboard for their ability to work within the organization and then trained for success. After onboarding, teammates are encouraged to seek training and continuing education opportunities. “Mechdyne University is a corporate training program we set up for teammates to attain additional training, education, and experience to help individuals achieve goals in their specializations as well as advance within the company,” said James Gruening, senior vice president at Mechdyne. Teammates choose from a variety of pre-approved continuing education units or request additional courses that are relevant to the company’s business and technical objectives.

The development of the career ladder was also a major step for Mechdyne. “The career ladder allows each teammate to be in charge of their own career, ” said Goodman. “Each department has a career ladder that lays out requirements for either technical or managerial advancement and it is up to each teammate as to how quickly they complete their ladder and are eligible for promotion.”

These changes have resulted in a successful company that just celebrated its 20th anniversary, works with clients around the world, and employs more than 150 happy teammates.

About NSCA

The National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) is the leading not-for-profit association representing the commercial low-voltage electronic systems industry. NSCA is a powerful advocate for all who work within the low-voltage industry, including systems contractors/integrators, product manufacturers, consultants, sales representatives, architects, specifying engineers, and other allied professionals. NSCA is dedicated to serving its contractor members and all channel stakeholders through advocacy, education, member services, and networking designed to improve business performance. For more information, visit NSCA’s website.

About Mechdyne

Mechdyne Corporation is a broad-based technology partner specializing in audiovisual and information technologies (AV/IT), visualization and software solutions, immersive virtual reality technologies, managed services, and technical support services. We address complex projects where an in-depth understanding of user requirements leads to the development of customized solutions involving elements of display, graphics computing, software, and professional services. Headquartered in Marshalltown, Iowa, Mechdyne serves a global client base that includes leading government laboratories, university and research centers, energy, aerospace, manufacturing, and medical organizations, as well as any other user of advanced technology. Learn more about Mechdyne today.

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