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Unproductive meetings cost US corporations approximately $37 billion dollars every year. Contributing to that loss is meeting room technology that doesn’t operate as expected, leaving team members to grapple with audio, video technology, or connection issues that spiral a well-planned meeting out of control.

Now imagine this meeting involves your C-Suite leaders or directors. The cost of downtime skyrockets along with frustration. Chaos ensues as IT staff rush to resolve issues, sometimes unsuccessfully. While no organization is immune from meeting room technology issues, many minimize disruptions by partnering with a service provider that offers White-Glove Audio Visual (AV) Service.

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Let’s be honest, many of us haven’t touched meeting room technology in the office for quite some time. As employees return to work, technology issues that impact meeting productivity are bound to occur. Our “no-fail” meeting and event support offers a concierge level of support for executive leadership teams as well as others throughout the organization.

When meeting expectations are high, our AV service team shines. From board meetings and investor calls to annual company-wide events, we partner with our clients to proactively mitigate risks and develop contingency plans to ensure technology disruptions are minimized. We focus on technology so that your team can focus on their content.

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Meeting Room AV Support

We're Passionate About The Details

As goals for events and meeting outcomes differ, so do technology needs. Many meeting spaces are not one-size-fits-all. We believe strongly in utilizing the right space with the right technology to deliver the best outcome for individual meetings and events. Your team can focus on storytelling without worrying about technology failures. Leave those details to us. We partner with the presenter to:

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We Listen
  • What is the end goal for the event or meeting?
  • What would make the event or meeting a success?
  • What would make the event or meeting a failure?
We Understand
  • The roles of the participants
  • Remote participation needs
  • Content being shown or displayed
  • The meeting space that will deliver the best results
We're Available
  • To set up and test the technology before meetings and events begin
  • To respond to immediate technology needs during meetings and events

Service Focused On End-Users

We believe a strong focus on end-user workflows, processes, and satisfaction can unlock greater productivity and technology utilization rates for our clients. We customize our service approach based on each organization’s specific needs. We can provide a single on-site teammate to support continuous preventative maintenance efforts, meeting setup and conclusion activities, and user training, or an entire service team dedicated to meeting facilitation, problem resolution, and focus on end-user needs.

Our white-glove support includes:

  • Managing top-level executive rooms, meetings, and events – including servicing executive suites for clients
  • Management of meetings and collaboration sessions for employees of all levels
  • Maximizing equipment up-time, conducting preventative maintenance, providing system support, executing system upgrades, and user training
  • Transitioning technology and initial training
  • Elimination of low value activities through new processes and tools driven by root cause analysis
  • Indexing all standardized processes, including illustrations and step-by-step instructions, to facilitate speedy resolutions
  • Maintaining an in-depth database to support all root cause analysis, translated to improving processes and identifying training opportunities
Meeting Room Technology Support

Relax. Let our white-glove services take the stress out of events & meetings for you.

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