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Driving efficiency, redefining flexibility.

Whether partnering in new construction or retrofitting existing meeting spaces, Mechdyne drives efficiencies that save money and boost productivity. And the more complex the project or specialized your workflows, the greater the value we bring. Mechdyne’s proven ability to partner with architectural, engineering, and construction firms yields even more benefits when that partnership begins early in the project.

Relying on Mechdyne for AV & IT integration planning at the project outset dramatically reduces the risk of change orders, misaligned technology, missed deadlines, and poor user experiences. Simply tell us how your teams collaborate. We’ll deliver the functionality you need, more efficiently than you ever imagined.

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New Commercial Construction AV & IT

Technology Focused by Strategy

When AV & IT technology is integrated into the overall facility design, even the most complex needs can be met efficiently and seamlessly. Our technology roadmaps focus first on organizational goals, end-user workflows, and new building visions. Pre-construction design and technology partnerships enable us to consider each variable that could impact schedules, budgets, and the end-user experience.

Engaging Mechdyne at the outset of your project lays the groundwork for audio visual connectivity across your facilities. Early involvement also results in cost savings, condenses your building schedule, and increases satisfaction among partners, including architects, engineers, and construction stakeholders, as well as client IT staff, facilities managers, and corporate leadership. Perhaps most important, our process results in spaces that end-users embrace.

Collaboration Spaces

The Capabilities You Want. The Versatility You Need.

In today’s rapidly evolving workplace, the only certainty is the need for flexibility. Gone are the silo’d spaces of the past. Today’s boardroom needs the flexibility to serve as a training room when the need arises. The traditional executive conference room used today may find use as a co-creative brainstorming environment tomorrow. Lobbies aren’t just for greeting visitors, but for hosting town halls and brand experiences.

One size may not fit all, but a single environment can meet a multitude of needs. Forward-thinking enterprises collaborate with Mechdyne because we have the insight and expertise to bring multi-user, multi-purpose utility to a vast range of spaces. And the earlier we’re involved in in design and construction, the greater the flexibility we can provide. Every day, Mechdyne partners with decision makers, designers, and construction professionals to achieve new levels of utility. Whether we’re outfitting an existing space or partnering with your architects to create an entirely new one, count on Mechdyne both to maximize ROI and facilitate your evolution as business conditions change.

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Meeting Room Technology Solutions

Imagine a collaboration space that activates instantly, facilitates your intended outcomes, and provides an equally satisfying experience for in-room and remote attendees alike. Expect that and much more from Mechdyne meeting room environments. We design conference room technology to improve both the quality and speed of decision making by giving all parties easy access to critical data, with a standard of support that ensures uptime and maximizes engagement. Simply tell us what you want to achieve in your collaboration space, and we’ll make it happen.

Video Conferencing
Real-Time Graphics Sharing
Multi-Windowing Systems
Intuitive Control Systems & Interactive Technologies
3D Stereo Displays
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A Unique Approach

Ingenuity Grounded in Strategy

Whether we begin by brainstorming with clients on how to design a new space or perform workflow analysis for modifications to an existing environment, every Mechdyne solution reflects a keen understanding of our clients’ use cases and strategy. This is the secret to delivering lasting value. We view technology not as a deliverable, but as a vehicle to propel your organization forward.

Challenge us to meet your needs and expect us to meet them in ways you may not have anticipated. Activating decades of experience, including a rich history of creating world-first environments, Mechdyne marshals proven audio visual technology in utterly novel applications tailored to your unique needs.

But that’s just the beginning: Count on Mechdyne also for the expertise to integrate every room into your larger knowledge-sharing infrastructure. Expect a level of support that ensures uptime is all the time. And take advantage of the multi-purpose, multi-user flexibility we engineer into every collaboration solution.

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