AV Control System Programming

Clear, intuitive controls mean less user confusion and fewer support requests, leaving the IT team focused on projects and initiatives that drive your organization’s growth. More confident users utilize technology more which generates a higher ROI for the organization.

Business needs and functionality requirements often change, requiring updates to existing audio visual control systems. This can range from a simple update to an interface to a complete code re-write during system refresh or updates.

The right control systems programming simplifies the multiple tasks and drives efficiencies within facilities including lighting, shade control, input switching, display systems, and camera adjustments. Control systems can also schedule the room for use, track maintenance needs, provide security alerts, and deliver diagnostics on impending breakdowns to avert failures.

Mechdyne provides expert programming services and configuration services for a variety of control systems and audio visual hardware. Whether your interface needs to be updated or the entire code needs to be rewritten, our engineers are ready to assist.

Our certified teams are technology agnostic and work with a variety of commercially available systems. Our programming makes full use of the control system features and makes the interface simple for all users to understand and utilize without calling for meeting support.

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Reconfiguring A Control System with More Intuitive Labeling

Users who understand how to use audio visual equipment tend to use the system more often and more confidently. Technology and Unified Communication teams can enable user productivity and return on technology investments by engaging the right partner for simple, user-friendly controls and efficient underlying code.

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