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Remote Graphics for the Power User

What to Expect With TGX

TGX’s low latency, like-local performance, even at 4K resolution, makes it the ideal remote desktop for high-end graphics workstations and video applications. TGX takes away the frustrations of connecting to a data center, your desktop, your colleague’s laptop, and more. A variety of industries use TGX to access their graphics applications. This is why:

TGX Performance Examples

TGX Desktop Features

Image Quality

TGX delivers sharp, clear, and smooth imagery. Our coding and decoding algorithms prevent pixelation.

Exceptional Color Accuracy

TGX provides accurate color fidelity, giving users in all fields - from scientific to the entertainment & film industry - the confidence to make business-critical decisions.

Real-Time Desktop Control

TGX gives users real-time keyboard & mouse response with minimal lag, providing a remote experience that feels like a local workstation.

Multi-Monitor Displays

TGX supports desktops comprised of multiple monitor displays, allowing users to maintain their workspace preferences.

Future Ready

TGX currently supports 4K resolutions and higher. Knowing that desktop sizes will only get bigger, our team is continuously investigating new optimizations to ensure that TGX meets the growing expectations of the user and IT.

TGX Connectivity Features


TGX consumes 30-50% less bandwidth compared to other remote desktops on the market.

Secure Data

TGX uses SSL encryption to safeguard all of your network traffic.

Remote Collaboration

TGX enables team collaboration, connecting multiple users to the same session.

USB Redirection

TGX allows the sender to use a human interface device (HIDs) connected to the receiver through a USB connection, including the keyboard, mouse, or game controller.


TGX is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

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"When we show people that they can collaborate, they can work on any device, they can work anywhere, then that's the number one reason why these solutions matter. We can have full resolution on any dataset, anywhere."

Kenneth Westerby Innovation Manager for EMEAA

"We are now pumping over 16 million pixels around the world in real-time without delay and with complete color accuracy."

IT Director Major Energy Company

"Using TGX between geographically split teams has become a weekly - if not daily - way of working."

Global Visualization Manager Oil & Gas Company