What is Virtual Reality Training?

Virtual Reality (VR) training builds high-performing teams in an immersive, simulated learning experience that recreates life-like scenarios and challenges. Using a Head-Mounted Display (HMD) or a large screen solution, trainees immerse themselves in 360-degree environments that allow them to interact with simulated real-world tools, machinery, situations, and other teammates.

Workplace scenarios that were once too costly or dangerous to train for become practical, safe, and cost-effective in an immersive simulation. From teaching soft skills during new hire on-boarding to providing a safe space for employees to learn high-risk skills, VR training solutions could be what your company needs to increase productivity.

screenshot of virtual reality training for ship operations with scorecard learning management

Benefits of VR Training

Virtual reality creates simulation training that is more engaging and more effective than traditional training.

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Accelerated Proficiency
  • 40-60% reductions in the time needed to train compared to traditional training methods
  • 70+% improvements in job performance
  • Reductions in on-the-job human errors
  • Performance analytics to guide improvement
Engaged Teammates
  • Up to an 80% increase in learning retention
  • Reduction in employee turnover
  • Enhanced team decision-making, workplace safety, and collaboration
Improved Operations
  • Fewer incidents
  • Consistent performance
  • Elimination of the cost and risk of unnecessary travel
  • Predictive modeling

Use Cases for VR Training

Beneficial for organizations such as Fire Protection Personnel, Financial Services, Logistics, Manufacturing, Military, Oil & Gas, and Retail

Emergency Response Training

Simulating emergency or tactical situations, safety procedures, hazard identification, and Lockout-Tagout scenarios

Operational Efficiencies

Simulating new processes or equipment introductions, distribution center operations, service and maintenance activities, and frontline processes

Customer Service

Frontline employee training, empathy training, de-escalation training

Soft Skills

New hire onboarding, diversity & inclusion training, customer interaction training, new manager training

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