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For nearly three decades, Mechdyne has pioneered extended reality (XR) experiences that enable our clients to do their work in new ways, tell their stories with new power, and shape their future more precisely than ever before. In the early days of this technology, the terms ‘CAVE‘ and ‘virtual reality’ was dominant. Today, XR has become the umbrella term for virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and other solutions that use the term ‘immersive’.

While we’re great at delivering standard immersive solutions, we excel at audacious XR spaces. Our experience customizing systems to meet our clients’ complex workflows or multi-use cases creates technology solutions that exceed expectations and maximize return on investment (ROI). We fully understand the intricacies of making all the components of an advanced visualization system work together, longer. And we’ve kept pace with changes in technologies, allowing us to apply our ever-increasing expertise in:

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Display Technologies
  • 2D and 3D/VR-capable LED and LCD panels, projection displays, autostereoscopic startups, and head-mounted displays (HMDs).
ROI of LED Displays
Graphics Computing
  • From the most effective single GPU to multiple-GPU clusters.
  • Integration of third-party data and VR-enabled applications. We have even created software, such as our getReal3D for Unity, to enable virtual reality and other capabilities when no solution exists.
Software Services
Interaction Technologies
  • From 3D glasses to motion tracking to navigation to haptics to eye tracking and more. We have the expertise to sync all into a real-time virtual experience.
Technical Support
  • Whether you need start-up assistance, full-time, onsite support, or a proactive maintenance contract, our technicians will maximize uptime.
Audio Visual Support
High ROI and Low Cost of Ownership
  • Making this possible is a skill that starts in consultation. We identify all use cases. We design a solution that will maximize utilization. Then we support it for the long term. Many installed solutions have been operational for more than ten years.
Maximize ROI

Immersive Solutions for Broad Use Cases.

Our immersive, virtual, and augmented reality solutions enable scientists to visualize and interact with massive datasets, soldiers to hone their skills, and designers to elevate their creations. The energy industry and organizations like NASA use our technology to safely explore forbidding environments. And in the emerging metaverse and digital twin worlds, factories operate before they’re even built, and are monitored while they do.

Talk to us about your objectives. We’ll make them a virtual reality.

What is Extended Reality? Learn About the Solutions & Their Differences.
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