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TGX Remote Desktop optimizes centralized compute, cloud environments, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. With the deployment of TGX, you can experience the full potential of your remote desktop infrastructure. Whether mobilized through a Cloud, converged infrastructure, VDI, other centralized compute environments, TGX delivers graphic-intensive data from a remote location in high resolution without sacrificing image quality or user experience. The improved visual output and control gives the most demanding users the confidence to make critical decisions based on what they see on the desktop. And, by choosing TGX, IT decision makers remove the risks associated with inaccurate image quality while using 50 to 70 percent less bandwidth than other remote desktop applications.

"We are now pumping over 16 million pixels around the world in real time without delay and with complete color accuracy."

IT/ Visualization Director Major Energy Company

By leveraging NVIDIA hardware and clever programming from Mechdyne engineers, TGX harnesses the untapped power of remote desktop infrastructure. From a remote location, even the most demanding users interact with graphic-intensive applications and view data with the same performance and display configuration they expect from a desktop.

A centralized compute, cloud environment or VDI deployment will not be successful if the user is not happy. Remote desktop users care about image quality, they care about high resolution, and most of all they care if their workflow and productivity is compromised. Exceeding IT performance metrics is important, but not in isolation. TGX exceeds IT requirements while focusing on the user and their day to day experience at the desk – wherever the desk might be.

"Finally, a remote graphic protocol that makes
our VDI deployment possible."

IT Consultant Converged Infrastructure Solutions

TGX Remote Desktop Performance

Image Quality

TGX delivers sharp, non-distorted images that do not tear with motion. This is made possible by the efficiency of our encoding and decoding algorithms.


Exceptional Color Accuracy

TGX delivers accurate color fidelity, giving scientists and engineers the confidence to make decisions based on what they see on the desktop.


Real-time Desktop Control

TGX gives users fast and consistent real-time keyboard and mouse response, providing a remote experience that feels like a local workstation.



TGX consumes less than 50 to 70 percent bandwidth compared to other remote desktops on the market without reducing image quality and color fidelity.


Remote Collaboration

TGX supports team collaboration, connecting multiple sessions to the same server. 


Multi-monitor Displays

TGX supports desktops comprised of multiple monitor displays, allowing users to keep their display preferences and maximize productivity.


Secure Data

TGX uses SSL encryption to safeguard all network traffic.


Future ready

TGX is the only remote desktop on the market that supports 4k resolutions and higher. Knowing that desktop sizes will only get bigger, our team is already investigating new algorithms and optimizations to ensure that TGX meets the growing expectations of the users and IT, and remains the remote desktop of choice for the enterprise.

The TGX Story

Developed to meet and exceed the remote desktop needs of the most demanding users, TGX is an innovation from Mechdyne Corporation. Mechdyne is a broad-based technology partner relentlessly working for our clients' success, delivering exceptional results. We specialize in visualization and software solutions, immersive technologies, AV/IT optimization, and support services.

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