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More than a Remote Desktop

TGX is more than a remote desktop, it is a low-latency remote desktop workstation. It’s the perfect high-powered replacement for solutions like RGS. This solution allows you to eliminate disruptions in workflow by delivering an “in-office” experience from anywhere. Our remote workstation solution supports workplace mobility, remote team collaboration, and enables business continuity. TGX delivers an experience so impressive you won’t realize the team is working remotely. 

  • Intensive graphics applications up to 4K resolution
  • Like-local responsiveness
  • Connect multiple collaborators

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A Remote Desktop that Supports Hybrid IT Environments

Run TGX anywhere you need it with the same level of performance:

  • In the Cloud
  • On any VDI deployment
  • On Physical Workstations

Remote Workstation Designed for the Power User

TGX Remote Desktop enables workplace mobility for all industries, regardless of how demanding their needs are.

Oil & Gas

Access your seismic and subsurface datasets with accurate 4:4:4 color fidelity.


Create and edit large video and photo files on multiple devices including Wacom & more.


CAD programs like Autodesk and SOLIDWORKS run seamlessly without image lag.


Visualize patient-critical scans and information securely from anywhere.

TGX Use Cases & Industry Applications

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Enabling Remote Collaboration

Work Together, Even When Apart

Experience Like-Local Controls

Whether collaborating within the same building or across the world,  high-resolution working sessions are even more productive with keyboard and mouse controls that work like they are on their local machine. 

Collaborate on the Fly 

Sometimes the best collaboration happens outside of scheduled meetings. TGX allows multiple collaborators to connect to the same session and easily work together on design and content updates – anytime, anywhere. 

Man working on laptop from the beach at sunset using TGX Remote Desktop software

Design from the beach. Collaborate from the mountains.

Remote Desktop Software That Works Anywhere

Imagine having the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time, no matter your file size, application, or collaboration needs. The experience is so incredible, you’ll forget you’re remote.

Develop3D magazine described TGX Remote Desktop as the ultimate solution when laptop power just isn’t enough. Read the full review explaining why TGX is the best remote desktop software available.

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Best in Class
  • Multi-monitor
  • Exceptional 4:4:4 color accuracy
  • Full uncompressed color
  • Sharp video at 4K and above
  • Fast frame-rates
  • Experience consistent, real-time keyboard and mouse response.
  • Collaboration
  • High-Resolution 4K+ Desktops

Flexible Payment Options

TGX Remote Desktop Offers Lower Cost of Ownership

Our flexible pricing options give clients control of their spending:

  • Option 1: Perpetual license with 1 or 3 years of maintenance & support
    • Keep using the same license and simply renew your maintenance contract at a much lower cost than an annual subscription renewal
    • Save even more money by using the license year after year without a maintenance contract
  • Option 2: Annual subscription model with 1 year term includes maintenance & support

No minimum number of licenses required. Learn more about how a TGX Remote Desktop license costs you less.

TGX remote desktop on Wacom Tablet
CORE Chart

Mechdyne CORE

Optional: Remote Workstation Solutions As a Service

Power users need to access workstations every day, but many work remotely which can cause issues such as: 

  • It’s harder to maintain and secure valuable assets with workstations leaving the office. 
  • Important software applications and critical data leave the internal network creating data security concerns. 
  • Users continuously downloading and uploading data to central servers create chronic version control problems 

We can provide the option of a complete solution by pairing TGX with CORE (Computers Optimized for Remote Experiences) to solve these issues by combining a workstation remote access solution that is both high-performing and secure. Centralized workstations simplify IT access and management while providing users with like-local performance. CORE solutions are configured to your organization’s requirements based on:  

  • Number of users  
  • Storage requirements 
  • Calculated idle time of users. Reduce the number of workstations needed to serve users by allocating idle computers.  
  • Graphics processing power required. CORE can be provided with two different levels of NVIDIA graphics cards in standard workstations. A hyper-powered, liquid cooled rack solution is also available. Liquid cooling is greener due to less environmental cooling  

CORE As-a-Service 

CORE is available As-a-Service, a complete system and support with fixed monthly payments. And workstations are refreshed every 2-3 years based on organizational needs, providing the latest technology on a budget. 

Cost Saving Collaboration 

CORE can be configured for dedicated, 1:1 user/computer access, but real savings start when Leostream brokering software is added. Multiple users can be served with fewer workstations and application subscriptions, greatly reducing capital costs. Most workstations sit idle as users attend meetings or are on vacation. Available brokering software allocates idle computers to active users, more efficiently using valuable resources. 

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