TGX High Performance Remote Desktop Software

Stay productive with the highest-performing remote graphics software for your workflow. TGX is more than a remote desktop, it is a remote desktop workstation. You will be able to visualize the most intensive graphics applications up to 4K resolution with amazing like-local responsiveness. TGX can connect multiple collaborators, delivering an experience so impressive you won’t realize the team is working remotely. 

Remote Graphics for the Power User

Mechdyne designed TGX for the power user – engineers, designers, and creatives alike. We bring image quality, high resolution, and responsiveness to the forefront. With a standard internet connection, TGX displays your data on your PC, Mac, or Linux regardless of where you are. Simply add TGX to your workstation or virtual machine and visualize your data in unprecedented clarity.

What is TGX?

TGX’s low latency, like-local performance, even at 4K resolution, makes it the ideal remote desktop for high-end graphics workstations and video applications. TGX takes away the frustrations of connecting to a data center, your desktop, your colleague’s laptop, and more. A variety of industries use TGX to access their graphics applications. Find out why this makes TGX the best remote desktop software on the market.

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TGX enables high-performance remote workstations for many industries and a wide variety of use cases. What's your use case?

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Design from the beach. Collaborate from the mountains.

TGX gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time, no matter your file size, application, or collaboration needs.

Develop3D magazine described TGX Remote Desktop as the ultimate solution when laptop power just isn’t enough. Read the full review.

Image Quality
  • TGX delivers sharp, non-distorted images that do not lose pixels or even tear.
High Resolution
  • Work remotely in resolutions at 4K or higher.
Real-Time Response
  • Experience consistent, real-time keyboard and mouse response.

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