Loreal Paris

Paris, France

Adjoining Powerwalls for collaboration

  • Create an engaging customer experience that combines personalization and innovative technology.
  • Impress and engage customers in meaningful, open dialogue within a comfortable collaborative environment.
  • Become a leader in the CPG industry when it comes to visualization.

L’Oreal Paris


Presentations and collaborative meetings with L’Oreal’s customers and prospects in Paris, France, were becoming stale. Collaboration with store executives, product managers, press, and beauty experts to strategize new products, store layouts, and overall business strategy were failing to engage visitors. Leadership began to think of ways they could create an engaging, customized, and interactive experience for guests. With the help of an Executive Briefing Center, they would revolutionize how they interacted with customers. L’Oréal partnered with Mechdyne to design and integrate innovative technology in their iconic Beauty Lab to help create a personalized collaboration space.


The Beauty Lab’s technology features two massive screens called Powerwalls, one at 16-feet and the other at 23-feet long to create an “L” formation. Each screen can display same content or differing content simultaneously, depending on the presentation or meeting agenda. Whether the content is in 2D or 3D, L’Oréal shares information, pitches new ideas, and seeks strategic insights from their visitors. Clients are invited to provide their own content as well, enabling even deeper collaboration experiences. This forges the path for a successful and trusting relationship between L’Oréal and their partners.

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